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   Water Research, Centre for

Water Research, Centre for

Journal Articles

Alexander, R.M., Gikuma-Njuru, P., Imberger, J. 2012, 'Identifying spatial structure in phytoplankton communities using multi-wavelength fluorescence spectral data and principal component analysis', LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY-METHODS, 10, pp. 402-415.

Devkota, B, Imberger, J. 2012, 'Upper and Middle Tiete River Basin dam-hydraulic system, travel time and temperature modeling', JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY, 475, pp. 12-25.

Kristiana, R., Antenucci, J.P., Imberger, J. 2012, 'Using a Multi-Component Indicator Toward Reducing Phytoplankton Bloom Occurrences in the Swan River Estuary', ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, 50, 2, pp. 237-256.

Laborde, S., Imberger, J., Toussaint, S. 2012, 'Contributions of local knowledge to the physical limnology of Lake Como, Italy', NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. PROCEEDINGS, 109, 17, pp. 6441-6445.

Laborde, S., Imberger, J., Toussaint, S. 2012, 'A wall out of place: A hydrological and sociocultural analysis of physical changes to the lakeshore of Como, Italy', ECOLOGY AND SOCIETY, 17, pp. 20pp.

Leon, L.F., Smith, R.E.H., Malkin, S.Y., Depew, D., Hipsey, M.R., Antenucci, J.P., Higgins, S.N., Hecky, R.E., Rao, R.Y. 2012, 'Nested 3D modeling of the spatial dynamics of nutrients and phytoplankton in a Lake Ontario nearshore zone', Journal of Great Lakes Research, 38, 4, pp. 171-183.

Leon, L.F., Antenucci, J.P., Rao, Y.R., McCrimmon, C. 2012, 'Summary performance of the Estuary and Lake Computer Model (ELCOM): application in the Laurentian and other Great Lakes', WATER QUALITY RESEARCH JOURNAL OF CANADA, 47, 3-4, pp. 252-267.

Machado, D.A., Imberger, J. 2012, 'Managing wastewater effluent to enhance aquatic receiving ecosystem productivity: A coastal lagoon in Western Australia', JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, 99, pp. 52-60.

Oveisy, A., Boegman, L., Imberger, J. 2012, 'Three-dimensional simulation of lake and ice dynamics during winter', LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY, 57, 1, pp. 43-57.

Valerio, G., Pilotti, M., Marti, C.L., Imberger, J. 2012, 'The structure of basin-scale internal waves in a stratified lake in response to lake bathymetry and wind spatial and temporal distribution: Lake Iseo, Italy', LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY, 57, 3, pp. 772-786.

Other Publications

Fisher, M., Cook, S.E. 2012, Water, Food and Poverty in River Basins: Defining the Limits,, Routledge, United Kingdom

Imberger, J. 2012, Environmental Fluid Dynamics,, Academic Press, USA

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