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 Research Publications
  2012 Research Publications


Book Chapters

Chalmers, D., Johnston, S. 2012, Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education in Quallity Assurance and Accreditation in Distance Education and e-Learning: Models, Policies and Research, Routledge, New York and Oxford

Journal Articles

Ambrosini, G.L., Bremner, A.P., Reid, A., Mackerras, D., Alfonso, H., Olsen, N.J., Musk, A.W., de Klerk, N.H. 2012, 'No dose-dependent increase in fracture risk after long-term exposure to high doses of retinol or beta-carotene', OSTEOPOROSIS INTERNATIONAL, 18 September 2012, pp. 9pp.

Arpiwi, N.L., Yan, G., Barbour, E.L., Plummer, J.A. 2013, 'Genetic diversity, seed traits and salinity tolerance of Millettia pinnata (L.) Panigrahi, a biodiesel tree', Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 60, 2, pp. 677-692.

Arpiwi, N.L., Yan, G., Barbour, E.L., Plummer, J.A., Watkin, E. 2012, 'Phenotypic and genotypic characterisation of root nodule bacteria nodulating Millettia pinnata (L.) Panigrahi, a biodiesel tree', Plant and Soil, Oct 2012, pp. 15pp.

Bennett, L., Nair, C.S., Shah, M. 2012, 'The emergence of private higher education in Australia: the silent provider', European Journal of Higher Educatioin, 2, 4, pp. 423-435.

Birt, M.J., Harvey, E.S., Langlois, T.J. 2012, 'Within and between day variability in temperate reef fish assemblages: Learned response to baited video', Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 416-417, pp. 92 - 100.

Bruggemann, J.H., Rodier, M., Guillaume, M.M.M., Andréfouët, S., Arfi, R., Cinner, J.E., Pichon, M., Ramahatratra, F., Rasoamanendrika, F., Zinke, J., McClanahan, T.R. 2012, 'Wicked Social-Ecological Problems Forcing Unprecedented Change on the Latitudinal Margins of Coral Reefs: the Case of Southwest Madagascar', Ecology and Society, 17, 4, pp. 17.

Cheung, W.W.L., Meeuwig, J.J., Feng, M., Harvey, E., Lam, V.W.H., Langlois, T., Slawinski, D., Sun, C., Pauly, D. 2012, 'Climate-change induced tropicalisation of marine communities in Western Australia', Marine and Freshwater Research, 63, pp. 415 - 427.

Depczynski, M., Gilmour, JP, Ridgway, T, Barnes, H, Heyward, AJ, Holmes, TH, Moore, JAY, Radford, BT, Thomson, DP, Tinkler, P, Wilson, S.K. 2012, 'Bleaching coral mortality and subsequentsurvivorship on a West Australian Fringing Reef', CORAL REEFS, 10, pp. pp6.

Faulkner, V., Oakley, G., Rohl, M., Lopes, E., Solosy, A. 2012, 'I know it is important but is it my responsibility? Embedding literacy strategies across the middle school curriculum', Education 3-13, 40, 1, pp. 35-47.

Fitzgerald, A.J., Pinder, S., Purushotham, A.D., O'Kelly, P., Ashworth, P.C., Wallace, V.P. 2012, 'Classification of terahertz-pulsed imaging data from excised breast tissue.', JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL OPTICS, 17, pp. 016005.

Grove, C.A., Zinke, J., Peeters, F., Park, W., Scheufen, T., Kasper, S., Randriamanantsoa, B., McCulloch, M.T., Brummer, G.-J.A. 2012, 'Madagascar corals reveal Pacific multidecadal modulation of rainfall since 1708', Climate of the Past Discussions, 8, pp. 787-817.

Grove, C.A., Zinke, J., Scheufen, T., Maina, J., Epping, E., Boer, W., Randriamanantsoa, B., Brummer, G.-J.A. 2012, 'Spatial linkages between coral proxies of terrestrial runoff across a large embayment in Madagascar', Biogeosciences, 9, pp. 3063-3081.

Houghton, S., Hunter, S.C, Khan, U., Tan, C. 2013, 'Interpersonal and Affective Dimensions of Psychopathic Traits in Adolescents: Development and Validation of a Self-Report Instrument', CHILD PSYCHIATRY & HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, 44, pp. 51-69.

Hunt, L., Koenders, A., Gynnild, V. 2012, 'Assessing practical laboratory skills in undergraduate molecular biology courses', Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 37, pp. 861-874.

Ireland, D.J., Greay, S.J., Hooper, C.M., Kissick, H.T., Filion, P., Riley, T.V., Beilharz, M.W. 2012, 'Topically applied Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil causes direct anti-cancer cytotoxicity in subcutaneous tumour bearing mice', Journal of Dermatological Science, 67, pp. 120-129.

Kametani, Y, Ohshima, S, Kita, Y.F, Shimada, S, Kamiguchi, H, Shiina, T, Inoko, H, Kulski, J.Y., Ando, A 2012, 'Porcine MHC classical class I genes are coordinately expressed in superantigen-activated mononuclear cells', VETERINARY IMMUNOLOGY AND IMMUNOPATHOLOGY, 148, 3-4, pp. 252-259.

Langlois, T.J., Harvey, E.S., Meeuwig, J.J. 2012, 'Strong direct and inconsistent indirect effects of fishing found using stereo-video: Testing indicators from fisheries closures', Ecological Indicators, 23, pp. 524 - 534.

Langlois, T.J., Fitzpatrick, B.R., Fairclough, D.V., Wakefield, C.B., Hesp, S.A., McLean, D.L., Harvey, E.S., Meeuwig, J.J. 2012, 'Similarities between Line Fishing and Baited Stereo-Video Estimations of Length-Frequency: Novel Application of Kernel Density Estimates', PLoS ONE, 7, 11, pp. 9pp.

Maina, J., de Moel, H., Vermaat, J.E., Bruggemann, J.H., Guillaume, M.M.M., Grove, C.A., Madin, J.S., Mertz-Kraus, R., Zinke, J. 2012, 'Linking coral river runoff proxies with climate variability, hydrology and land-use in Madagascar catchments', Marine Pollution Bulletin, 64, pp. 2047-2059.

Matsuzaka, Y, Kikuti, Y.Y, Goya, K, Suzuki, T, Cai, L.Y, Oka, A, Inoko, H, Kulski, J.Y., Izumi, S.I, Kimura, M 2012, 'Lack of an association human dioxin detoxification gene polymorphisms with endometriosis in Japanese women: Results of a pilot study', ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE, 17, 6, pp. 512-517.

Matsuzaka, Y, Kikuti, Y.Y, Izumi, S.I, Goya, K, Suzuki, T, Cai, L.Y, Oka, A, Inoko, H, Kulski, J.Y., Kimura, M 2012, 'Failure to detect significant association between estrogen receptor-alpha gene polymorphisms and endometriosis in Japanese women', ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE, 17, 5, pp. 423-428.

McGowan, W.S., Partridge, L.K. 2012, 'Student Engagement and Making Community Happen', EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY AND THEORY, http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/(ISSN)1469-5812/earlyview, pp. 18.

Mitsunaga, S, Suzuki, Y, Kuwana, M, Sato, S, Kaneko, Y, Homma, Y, Narita, A, Kashiwase, K, Okudaira, Y, Inoue, I, Kulski, J.Y., Inoko, H 2012, 'Associations between six classical HLA loci and rheumatoid arthritis: A comprehensive analysis', TISSUE ANTIGENS, 80, 1, pp. 16-25.

Moore, JAY, Bellchambers, L., Depczynski, M., Evans, R., Evans, S.N., Field, S., Friedman, K., Gilmour, J.P., Holmes, T.H., Middlebrook, R, Radford, B.T., Ridgway, T, Shedrawi, G., Taylor, H, Thomson, D.P, Wilson, S.K. 2012, 'Unprecedented mass bleaching and loss of coral across 12o of latitude in Western Australia in 2010-11', PLOS ONE, 7, pp. 11pp.

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Nair, C.S., Shah, M., Bennett, L. 2012, 'The Student Experience in Private Higher Education in Australia', The ACPET Journal for Private Higher Education, 1, 2, pp. 24-30.

Nair, C.S., Shah, M. 2012, 'Quality of the Student Experience: An International Study', International Journal of Quality Assurance in Engineering and Technology Education, 2, 3, pp. 34-40.

Qadah, T., Finlayson, J., Newbound, C., Pell, N., Pascoe, M., Greenwood, L., Holmes, P., Grey, D., Beilby, J., Ghassemifar, R. 2012, 'Molecular and cellular characterization of a new α-Thalassemia mutation (HBA2:c.94A>C) generating an alternative splice site and a premature stop codon', Hemoglobin, 36, 3, pp. 244-52.

Sandover, S., Partridge, L., Dunne, E., Burkill, S. 2012, 'Undergraduate Researchers Change Learning and Teaching: A Case Study in Australia and the United Kingdom', Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly, 33, 1, pp. 33-39.

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Shah, M., Nair, C.S. 2012, 'The changing nature of teaching and unit evaluations in Australian universities', QUALITY ASSURANCE IN EDUCATION, 20, 3, pp. 274-288.

Sharp, J.R., Pulfrey, D.L., Umana Membreno, G.A., Faraone, L., Dell, J.M. 2012, 'Modeling and Design of a Thin-Film CdTe/Ge Tandem Solar Cell', JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, 41, 10, pp. 2759-2765.

Shiina, T, Suzuki, S, Ozaki, Y, Taira, H, Kikkawa, E, Shigenari, A, Oka, A, Umemura, T, Joshita, S, Takahashi, O, Hayashi, Y, Paumen, M, Katsuyama, Y, Mitsunaga, S, Ota, M, Kulski, J.Y., Inoko, H 2012, 'Super high resolution for single molecule-sequence-based typing of classical HLA loci at the 8-digit level using next generation sequencers', TISSUE ANTIGENS, 80, 4, pp. 305-316.

Smale, D.A., Kendrick, G.A., Harvey, E.S., Langlois, T.J., Hovey, R.K., Van Niel, K.P., Waddington, K.I., Bellchambers, L.M., Pember, M.B., Babcock, R.C., Vanderklift, M.A., Thomson, D.P., Jakuba, M.V., Pizarro, O., Williams, S.B. 2012, 'Regional-scale benthic monitoring for ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM) using an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV)', ICES Journal of Marine Science, 69, pp. 11108-1118.

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Conference Publications

Delaney, J.L., Tangtulyangkul, P., McCormack, R.R. 2012, 'Assigning a socio-economic status value to student records – a useful tool for planning, reporting and institutional research', Australasian Association for Institutional Research 22nd Annual Forum: 'Institutional Research', online, n/a, pp. 1-11.

Shah, M., Nair, C.S. 2012, 'Can standards drop? Social inclusion agenda and academic standards', Creating an inclusive learning environment: Engagement, equity, and retention. TL Forum (2012), Australia, 1, pp. 11.

Creative Works

Reid, I. 2012, 'That Untravelled World', That Untravelled World, Perth, pp. 1-214.

Jones, S.M. 2012, 'The Sewing Woman', Griffith Review: a quarterly review of writing & ideas, South Brisbane, Queensland, pp. 220-224.

Bynder, B.S. 2012, ''Jimmy Pike - A Contemporary Influence' in Jimmy Pike's Artlines: You call it desert, we used to live here', Perth, Australia, pp. 18-21.

Snell, T.W. 2012, 'Beyond Likeness: Contemporary Portraits', Perth, Australia, pp. Essay is 4 pages (of a total of 8).

Stanton, J.E. 2012, 'Relocate and Rediscover: Treasures of the Berndt Museum', Perth, Australia, pp. 61.

Stanton, J.E. 2012, ''Crossing Country - Jimmy Pike and his Felt-tipped Pen Drawings' in Jimmy Pike's Artlines: You call it desert, we used to live there', Perth, Australia, pp. 15-17.

Snell, T.W. 2012, 'Beyond Likeness: Contemporary Portraits',, pp. 34 works, 9 weeks.

Stanton, J.E. 2012, 'Relocate and Rediscover: Treasures of the Berndt Museum',, pp. 10 Feb - 2 June 2012; 31 works.

Other Publications

Broughan, C., Hunt, L. 2012, 'Inclusive Teaching', University Teaching in Focus: A learning-centred approach, pp. 182-198.

Chalmers, D., Partridge, L.K. 2012, 'Teaching graduate attributes and academic skills', University Teaching in Focus: A learning-centred approach, pp. 56-73.

Forbes, D., Parsons, H. 2012, 'Essential fatty acids: Food for mind and body', Acta Paediatrica, International Journal of Paediatrics, 101, pp. 808-810.

Hunt, L., Chalmers, D. 2012, University Teaching in Focus: A learning-centred approach,, ACER Press / Routledge, Melbourne / Oxford / New York

Hunt, L., Chalmers, D., Macdonald, R. 2012, 'Effective Classroom Teaching', University Teaching in Focus: A learning-centred approach, pp. 21-37.

Nair, C.S., Mertova, P., Patil, A. 2012, 'Trends, issues and the future of student feedback in engineering', Enhancing Learning and Teaching through Student Feedback in Engineering, pp. 131-136.

Nair, C.S., Patil, A., Mertova, P. 2012, Enhancing Learning and Teaching through Student Feedback in Engineering,, Chandos Publishing, UK

Snell, T.W. 2012, 'Refocus: The Cruthers Collection of Women's Art', Into the Light: The Cruthers Collection of Women's Art, UWA Publishing Custom, pp. 1-3,

Snell, T.W. 2012, ''World of Art'', Scoop Homes and Art, 32, Autumn 2012, pp 198-202,

Snell, T.W. 2012, ''World of Art'', Scoop Homes and Art, 33, Winter 2012, pp 204-207,

Snell, T.W. 2012, ''World of Art'', Scoop Homes and Art, 34, Spring 2012, pp 204-208,

Snell, T.W. 2012, ''World of Art'', Scoop Homes and Art, 35, Summer 2012, pp 202-206,

Snell, T.W. 2012, ''Out of the landscape come works of power'', The Australian, 10 February 2012, p 14,

Snell, T.W. 2012, ''Graduate show proves Perth not too far away'', The Australian, 27 April 2012, p 17,

Snell, T.W. 2012, ''Radiant collection provides light relief'', The Australian, 31 October 2012, p 15,

Snell, T.W. 2012, 'Review of the book Camouflage Australia: Art, Nature, Science and War by Ann Elias, Sydney University Press, 2011', Eyeline: Contemporary Visual Arts, 76, p 90,

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