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 Research Publications
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   Environmental Systems Engineering, School of

Environmental Systems Engineering, School of

Book Chapters

Baillie, C.A. 2012, Waste for life: Socially just materials research in Engineering and Social Justice: In the University and Beyond, Purdue University Press, West Lafayette, Indiana

Harper, R.J., Smettem, K.R., Townsend, P.V., Bartle, J.R., McGrath, J.F. 2012, Broad-scale restoration of landscape function with timber, carbon and water investment in Forest Landscape Restoration: Integrating Social and Natural Sciences, Springer, Netherlands

Ivey, G.N. 2012, Turbulence in the Environment in Handbook of Environmental Fluid Dynamics, CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group, United States

Male, S.A. 2012, Generic Engineering Competencies Required by Engineering Graduating in Australia: The Competencies of Engineering Graduates (CEG) project in Developments in Engineering Education Standards: Advanced Curriculum Innovations, IGI Global, USA

Journal Articles

Armstrong, R., Baillie, C.A. 2012, 'Engineers Engaging with Community: Negotiating Cultural Difference on Mine Sites', International Journal of Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace, 1, pp. 7-17.

Barrington, D.J., Reichwaldt, E.S., Ghadouani, A. 2013, 'The use of hydrogen peroxide to remove cyanobacteria and microcystins from waste stabilization ponds and hypereutrophic systems', Ecological Engineering, 50, pp. 86-94.

Barrington, D.J., Dobbs, S.M., Loden, D.I. 2012, 'Social and Environmental Justice for Communities of the Mekong River', International Journal of Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace, 1, 1, pp. 31-49.

Bazihizina, N., Barrett-Lennard, E.G., Colmer, T.D. 2012, 'Plant growth and physiology under heterogeneous salinity', Plant and Soil, 354, 1-2, pp. 1-19.

Bazihizina, N., Barrett-Lennard, E.G., Colmer, T.D. 2012, 'Plant responses to heterogeneous salinity: Growth of the halophyte Atriplex nummularia is determined by the root-weighted mean salinity of the root zone', Journal of Experimental Botany, 63, pp. 6347 - 6358.

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Conference Publications

Bernhardt, J., Baillie, C.A. 2012, 'Standards for quality of research in Engineering Education: A prolegomenon', SEFI 40th Annual Conference: Engineering Education 2010: Meet Future, Greece, 1, pp. Paper 049.

Branson, P.M., Ghisalberti, M., Ivey, G.N. 2012, 'The role of bed friction in vortex shedding around islands in shallow oscillatory flow', 3rd International Symposium on Shallow Flows, University of Iowa, 1, pp. 9 pp.

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Gallop, S.L., Bosserelle, C., Pattiaratchi, C.B., Eliot, I.G., Haigh, I. 2012, 'The influence of calcarenite limestone reefs on beach erosion and recovery, from seconds to years', 33rd International Conference in Coastal Engineering, Spain, 33, pp. Paper 6558-27930-1-PB.

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Jenner-O'Shea, J., Baillie, C.A., Armstrong, R. 2012, 'Developing Critical Thinking Skills and an Understanding of Social Justice in Engineering Education', AAEE 2012 Conference, Melbourne, Victoria, 1, pp. 8 pp.

Kabo, J., Tang, X., Nieusma, D., Currie, J., Wenlong, H., Baillie, C.A. 2012, 'Visions of social competence: Comparing engineering education accreditation in Australia, China, Sweden, and the United States', 119th Annual Conference and Position: Spurring Big Ideas in Education, Texas, 1, pp. 16 pp.

Li, Y., Waite, A.M., Gal, G., Hipsey, M.R. 2012, 'Do phytoplankton nutrient ratios reflect patterns of water column nutrient ratios? A numerical stoichiometric analysis of Lake Kinneret', 18th Biennial Conference of International Society for Ecological Modelling, Netherlands, 13, pp. 1630-1640.

MacPherson, L.R., Haigh, I., Mason, M.S., Wijeratne, S., Pattiaratchi, C.B., George, S. 2012, 'Extreme water level exceedance probabilities around Australia', 33rd International Conference in Coastal Engineering, Spain, 33, pp. Paper 6742-28723-1-PB.

Male, S.A., Guzzomi, A.L., Baillie, C.A. 2012, 'Interdisciplinary threshold concepts in engineering', Research and Development in Higher Education: Connections in Higher Education, Milperra NSW, Australia, 35, pp. 151-159.

Male, S.A., MacNish, C.K., Baillie, C.A. 2012, 'Engaging students in engineering curriculum renewal using threshold concepts', 8th International CDIO (Conveive Design Implement Operate) Conference, Brisbane, Australia, Pen drive, pp. 10 pp.

Male, S.A., Guzzomi, A.L. 2012, 'Facilitutor - more than a trivial merging of a facilitator and a tutor', 2012 Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AAEE) Annual Conference, Australia, 1, pp. 1-9.

Quinlan, K.M., Male, S.A., Fill, J., Jaffer, Z., Stamboulis, A., Baillie, C.A. 2012, 'Understanding thresholds in first year engineering: Digging beneath Mohr's circle', 4th International Symposium for Engineering Education, Sheffield, 1, pp. Paper 29.

Other Publications

Baillie, C.A., Pawley, A.L., Riley, D. 2012, Engineering and Social Justice: In the University and Beyond,, Purdue University Press, West Lafayette, Indiana

Baillie, C.A. 2012, Global Dimensions in Engineering: A Guide to Running Workshops for Engineering Students,, Engineering, Social Justice and Peace, United Kingdom

Baillie, C.A. 2012, Social Justice and Higher Education,, Engineering, Social Justive and Peace, United Kingdom

Cumming-Potvin, W, Baillie, C.A., Bowden, J.A. 2012, 'Engineering education for social and environmental justice: Scaffolding multidisciplinary knowledge through multiliteracies', Canada International Conference on Education, Ontario, Canada, 1, pp. 3.

Jayasinghe, R.A., Baillie, C.A. 2012, Waste for Life (WFL): Poverty reducing solutions to sustainable waste management in Waste Management: New Research, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., United States

Wei, X., Sun, G., Vose, J.M., Otsuki, K., Zhang, Z., Smettem, K.R. 2012, 'Preface: Forest ecohydrological processes in a changing environment', ECOHYDROLOGY, 4, pp. 143-145.

Zhao, C., Reid, L.B., Regenauer-Lieb, K. 2012, 'Some fundamental issues in computational hydrodynamics of mineralization: A review', JOURNAL OF GEOCHEMICAL EXPLORATION, 112, pp. 21-34.

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