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   Earth and Environment, School of

Earth and Environment, School of

Book Chapters

Ondrasek, G., Rengel, Z. 2012, The Role of Soil Organic Matter in Trace Element Bioavailability and Toxicity in Abiotic Stress Responses in Plants: Metabolism, Productivity and Sustainability, Springer, India

Stilwell, J.D., Håkansson, E. 2012, Survival, but...! New Tales of ‘Dead Clade Walking’ from Austral and Boreal Post-K–T Assemblages in Earth and Life, Springer, Netherlands

Wacey, D. 2012, In situ high spatial resolution techniques in the search for the origin of life in Genesis-In the Beginning Precursors of life, chemical models and early biological evolution, Springer, Germany

Journal Articles

Abaas, E., Hill, P.W., Roberts, P., Murphy, D.V., Jones, D.L. 2012, 'Microbial activity differentially regulates the vertical mobility of nitrogen compounds in soil', Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 53, pp. 120-123.

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Angerer, T., Hagemann, S.G., Danyushevsky, L. 2012, 'High-grade iron ore at Windarling, Yilgarn Craton: a product of syn-orogenic deformation, hypogene hydrothermal alteration and supergene modification in an Archean BIF-basalt lithostratigraphy', Mineralium Deposita, online, pp. 1-32.

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Boruff, B., Nathan, A.G., Nijenstein, S. 2012, 'Using GPS technology to (re)-examine operational definitions of 'neighbourhood' in place-based health research', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEALTH GEOGRAPHICS, 11, 22, pp. 1-26.

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