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Registrar's Office

Journal Articles

Birt, M.J., Harvey, E.S., Langlois, T.J. 2012, 'Within and between day variability in temperate reef fish assemblages: Learned response to baited video', Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 416-417, pp. 92 - 100.

Cooke, C.J. 2012, 'Violently Silenced? The role of Violence in bell hooks' Development as a Writer', LIMINA: A JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL STUDIES, 18, pp. 12pp.

Wood, A.J.T., Clugston, S.C., Rawlins, J, Rea, S, Edgar, D., Wood, F 2013, 'Burn patients, parents and doctors; are we in agreement?', BURNS, 38, pp. 487-492.

Creative Works

Novakovich, H. 2012, 'What we know as 'Australian Muslim Contemporary Arts' is difficult to define', No Added Sugar: Engagement and Self-determination: Australian Muslim Women Artists, pp. 16-18.

Other Publications

Stockport, G., Simon, A., Clarke, T., Sung, P.J., Hussain, S.S., Reid, C., Paparo, S., Miranda, M. 2012, 'General Motors - Does a 360', Building Competencies for Sustainability and Organizational Excellence, pp. 154-168.

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