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  2012 Research Publications


Book Chapters

Allen, K.L., Byrne, S.M., Oddy, W.H. 2012, The Prevalence and Course of Adolescent Eating Disorders: New Findings from Population-Based Research in Psychology of Adolescence: New Research, Nova Publisher, United States

Anderson, M., Della Sala, S 2012, Neuroscience in education: an (opinionated) introduction in Neuroscience in education: the good, the bad and the ugly, Oxford University Press, United Kingdom

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Paton, D, Buergelt, P.K. 2012, Community engagement and wildfire preparedness: The influence of community diversity in Wildfire and community: Facilitating preparedness and resilience, Charles C Thomas, United States

Reid, C.L., Anderson, M. 2012, Left-brain, Right-brain, Brain games and Beanbags: Neuromyths in Education? in Bad Education: Debunking Myths in Education, Open University Press, United Kingdom

Wu, C-H., Wang, Y., Mobley, W. H. 2012, Understanding Leaders' Proactivity from a Goal-Process View and with Multisource Ratings in Advances in Global Leadership, Emerald Group Publishing Ltd, United Kingdom

Journal Articles

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