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 Research Publications
  2012 Research Publications
   Plant Energy Biology, ARC Centre of Excellence for

Plant Energy Biology, ARC Centre of Excellence for

Book Chapters

Burnett, J.R., Clarke, M.W. 2012, Vitamin E in Principles of Free Radical Biomedicine, Nova Science Publishers Inc, New York

Journal Articles

Baer, B., Zareie, R., Paynter, E.B., Millar, A.H. 2012, 'Seminal fluid proteins differ in abundance between genetic lineages of honeybees', JOURNAL OF PROTEOMICS, 75, 18, pp. 5646-5654.

Baerenfaller, K., Massonet, C., Walsh, S., Baginsky, S., Buhlmann, P., Hennig, L., Hirsch-Hoffmann, M., Howell, K.A., Kahlau, S.S., Radziejwoski, A., Russenberger, D., Rutishauser, D., Small, I., Stekhoven, D., Sulpice, R., Svozil, J., Wuyts, N., Stitt, M., Hilson, P., Granier, C., Gruissem, W. 2012, 'Systems-based analysis of Arabidopsis leaf growth reveals adaptation to water deficit', MOLECULAR SYSTEMS BIOLOGY, 8, 606, pp. 18pp.

Barkan, A, Rojas, M, Fujii, S., Yap, A.H., Chong, Y.S, Bond, C.S., Small, I. 2012, 'A Combinatorial Amino Acid Code for RNA Recognition by Pentatricopeptide Repeat Proteins', PLOS GENETICS, 8, 8, pp. 1-8.

Boussardon, C.R., Salone, V., Avon, A., Berthome, R., Hammani, K., Okuda, K., Shikanai, T., Small, I., Lurin, C. 2012, 'Two Interacting Proteins Are Necessary for the Editing of the NdhD-1 Site in Arabidopsis Plastids', PLANT CELL, 24, pp. 3684-3694.

Boykin, L., De Barro, P., Hall, D.G., Hunter, W.B., McKenzie, C.L., Powell, C.A., Shatters, R.G. 2012, 'Overview of worldwide diversity of Diaphorina citri Kuwayama mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase 1 haplotypes: two Old World lineages and a New World invasion', BULLETIN OF ENTOMOLOGICAL RESEARCH, 102, pp. 573-582.

Boykin, L., Armstrong, K.F., Kubatko, L., De Barro, P. 2012, 'Species Delimitation and Global Biosecurity', EVOLUTIONARY BIOINFORMATICS, 8, pp. 1-37.

Boykin, L., Armstrong, K., Kubatko, L., De Barro, P. 2012, 'DNA barcoding invasive insects: database roadblocks', INVERTEBRATE SYSTEMATICS, 26, pp. 506-514.

Carrie, C.J., Small, I. 2013, 'A reevaluation of dual-targeting of proteins to mitochondria and chloroplasts', BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR CELL RESEARCH, 1833, pp. 253-259.

Collins, R.A., Boykin, L., Cruickshank, R.H., Armstrong, K.F. 2012, 'Barcoding's next top model: an evaluation ofnucleotide substitution models for specimen identification', Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 3, pp. 457-465.

Davies, S.M., Lopez Sanchez, M.I., Narsai, R., Shearwood, A.J., Mohamad Razif, M.F., Small, I., Whelan, J.M., Rackham, O., Filipovska, A. 2012, 'MRPS27 is a pentatricopeptide repeat domain protein required for the translation of mitochondrially encoded proteins', FEBS LETTERS, 586, pp. 3555-3561.

Dowen, RH, Pelizzola, M, Schmitz, RJ, Lister, R.M., Dowen, JM, Nery, JR, Dixon, JE, Ecker, JR 2012, 'Widespread dynamic DNA methylation in response to biotic stress', NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. PROCEEDINGS, on line, pp. E2183-E2191.

Feher, K., Whelan, J., M¨¹ller, S. 2012, 'Exploring multicollinearity using a random matrix theory approach.', Statistical applications in genetics and molecular biology, 11,

Flematti, G.R., Waters, M.T., Scaffidi, A., Merritt, D.J., Ghisalberti, E.L., Dixon, K.W., Smith, S.M. 2012, 'Karrikin and Cyanohydrin Smoke Signals Provide Clues to New Endogenous Plant Signalling Compounds', MOLECULAR PLANT, 2012, pp. 1-23.

Gagliano, M., Renton, M., Duvdevani, N., Timmins, M., Mancuso, S. 2012, 'Out of sight but not out of mind: Alternative means of communication in plants', PLoS ONE, 7, 5, pp. 1-9.

Grassl, J., Pruzinska, A., Hortensteiner, S., Taylor, N.L., Millar, H.H. 2012, 'Early events in Plastid Protein Degradation in stay-green Arabidopsis Reveal Differential Regulation beyond the Retention of LHCII and Chlorophyll', JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH, 11, pp. 5443-5452.

Jacoby, R.P., Li, L, Huang, S., Lee, C.P., Millar, H.H. 2012, 'Mitochondrial Composition, Function and Stress Response in Plants.', JOURNAL OF INTEGRATIVE PLANT BIOLOGY, 54, 11, pp. 887-906.

Jaff¨¦, R., Garcia-Gonzalez, F., den Boer, S.P.A., Simmons, L.W., Baer, B. 2012, 'Patterns of paternity skew among polyandrous social insects: What can they tell us about the potential for sexual selection?', Evolution, 66, 12, pp. 3778-3788.

Keren, I, Tal, L, Colas des Francs-Small, C., Araujo, W.L., Shevtsov, S, Shaya, F, Fernie, A, Small, I., Ostersetzer-Biran, O. 2012, 'nMAT1, a nuclear-encoded maturase involved in the trans-splicing of nad1 intron 1, is essential for mitochondrial complex I assembly and function', PLANT JOURNAL, 71, pp. 413-426.

Kim, M., Lee, U., Small, I., Colas des Francs-Small, C., Vierling, E. 2012, 'Mutations in an Arabidopsis Mitochondrial Transcription Termination Factor-Related Protein Enhance Thermotolerance in the Absence of the Major Molecular Chaperone HSP101', PLANT CELL, 24, pp. 3349-3365.

Kindgren, P.R., Kremnev, D., Blanco, N.E., De Dios Barajas L¨®pez, J., Fern¨¢ndez, A.P., Tellgren-Roth, C., Small, I., Strand, A. 2012, 'The plastid redox insensitive 2 mutant of Arabidopsis is impaired in PEP activity and high light-dependent plastid redox signalling to the nucleus', Plant Journal, 70, pp. 279-291.

Kupsch, C., Ruwe, H., Gusewski, S., Tillich, M., Small, I., Schmitz-Linneweber, C. 2012, 'Arabidopsis Chloroplast RNA Binding Proteins Cp31A and CP29A Associate with Large Transcript Pools and Confer Cold Stress Tolerance by Influencing Multiple Chloroplast RNA Processing Steps', PLANT CELL, 24, pp. 4266-4280.

Law, S.R., Narsai, R., Taylor, N.L., Delannoy, E., Carrie, C.J., Giraud, E.J., Millar, H.H., Small, I., Whelan, J.M. 2012, 'Nucleotide and RNA Metabolism Prime Translational Initiation in the Earliest Events of Mitochondrial Biogenesis during Arabidopsis Germination', PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 158, pp. 1610-1627.

Lee, C.P., Eubel, H., Solheim, C.A., Millar, H.H. 2012, 'Mitochondrial Proteome Heterogeneity between Tissues from the Vegetative and Reproductive Stages of Arabidopsis thaliana Development', JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH, 11, pp. 3326-3343.

Lee, S., Lee, D.W., Yoo, Y.-J., Duncan, O., Oh, Y.J., Lee, Y.J., Lee, G., Whelan, J., Hwang, I. 2012, 'Mitochondrial targeting of the Arabidopsis F1-ATPase ¦Ã-subunit via multiple compensatory and synergistic presequence motifs', Plant Cell, 24, pp. 5037¨C5057.

Li, L, Carrie, C.J., Nelson, C., Whelan, J.M., Millar, H.H. 2012, 'Accumulation of Newly Synthesized F1 in vivo in Arabidopsis Mitochondria Provides Evidence for Modular Assembly of the Plant F1Fo ATP Synthase', The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 287, 31, pp. 25749-25757.

Li, L, Nelson, C., Solheim, C.A., Whelan, J.M., Millar, H.H. 2012, 'Determining Degradation and Synthesis Rates of Arabidopsis Proteins Using the Kinetics of Progressive 15N Labeling of Two-dimensional Gel-separated Protein Spots', MOLECULAR & CELLULAR PROTEOMICS, 11, 6, pp. 16pp.

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Passon, D.M., Lee, M., Rackham, O., Stanley, W.A., Sadowska, A., Filipovska, A., Fox, A.H., Bond, C.S. 2012, 'Structure of the heterodimer of human NONO and paraspeckle protein component 1 and analysis of its role in subnuclear body formation', NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. PROCEEDINGS, 109, pp. 4846-4850.

Pcurar, D.I., Pacurar, M.L., Street, N., Bussell, J.D., Pop, T.I., Gutierrez, L., Bellini, C. 2012, 'A collection of INDEL markers for map-based cloning in seven Arabidopsis accessions', Journal of Experimental Botany, 63, pp. 2491-2501.

Poth, A.G., Mylne, J.S., Grassl, J., Lyons, R.E., Millar, A.H., Colgrave, M.L., Craik, D.J. 2012, 'Cyclotides Associate with Leaf Vasculature and Are the Products of a Novel Precursor in Petunia (Solanaceae)', JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 287, 32, pp. 27033-27046.

Roston, R.L., Gao, J., Murcha, M.W., Whelan, J.M., Benning, C. 2012, 'TGD1, -2, and -3 Proteins Involved in Lipid Trafficking Form ATP-binding Cassette (ABC) Transporter with Multiple Substrate-binding Proteins', JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 287, 25, pp. 21406-21415.

Scaffidi, A., Waters, M.T., Bond, C.S., Dixon, K.W., Smith, S.M., Ghisalberti, E.L., Flematti, G.R. 2012, 'Exploring the molecular mechanism of karrikins and strigolactones', BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS, 22, 11, pp. 3743-3746.

Scaffidi, A., Waters, M.T., Skelton, B.W., Bond, C.S., Sobolev, A.N., Bythell-Douglas, R., McKinley, A.J., Dixon, K.W., Ghisalberti, E.L., Smith, S.M., Flematti, G.R. 2012, 'Solar irradiation of the seed germination stimulant karrikinolide produces two novel head-to-head cage dimers', ORGANIC & BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY, 10, pp. 4069-4073.

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Wang, L., Ying, Y., Narsai, R., Ye, L., Zheng, L., Tian, J., Whelan, J.M., Shou, H. 2012, 'Identification of OsbHLH133 as a regulator of iron distribution between roots and shoots in Oryza sativa', Plant, Cell & Environment, on line, pp. 14pp.

Wang, Y., Carrie, C.J., Giraud, E.J., Elhafez, D., Narsai, R., Duncan, O., Whelan, J.M., Murcha, M.W. 2012, 'Dual Location of the Mitochondrial Preprotein Transporters B14.7 and Tim23-3 in Complex I and the TIM17:23 Complex in Arabidopsis Links Mitochondrial Activity and Biogenesis', PLANT CELL, 24, pp. 2675-2695.

Waters, M.T., Smith, S.M. 2012, 'KA12- and MAX2-mediated responses to karrikins and strigolactones are largely independent of HY5 in Arabidopsis seedlings', MOLECULAR PLANT, November 9 2012, pp. 30pp.

Waters, M.T., Nelson, D.C., Scaffidi, A., Flematti, G.R., Sun, Y., Dixon, K.W., Smith, S.M. 2012, 'Specialisation within the DWARF14 protein family confers distinct responses to karrikins and strigolactones in Arabidopsis', Development, 139, pp. 1285-1295.

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Waters, M.T., Scaffidi, A., Flematti, G.R., Smith, S.M. 2012, 'Karrikins force a rethink of strigolactone mode of action', PLANT SIGNALING AND BEHAVIOR, 7, 8, pp. 969-972.

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Zhang, B., Carrie, C.J., Ivanova, A., Narsai, R., Murcha, M.W., Duncan, O., Wang, Y., Law, S.R., Albrecht, V., Pogson, B., Giraud, E.J., Van Aken, O., Whelan, J.M. 2012, 'LETM proteins play a role in the accumulation of mitochondrially encoded proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana and AtLETM2 displays parent of origin effects', JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 287, 50, pp. 41757-41773.

Other Publications

Carrie, C., Murcha, M.W., Giraud, E.J., Ng, S., Zhang, M.F., Narsai, R., Whelan, J.M. 2012, 'How do plants make mitochondria?', PLANTA, 4 September 2012, pp. 12pp.

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Secco, D., Wang, C., Arpat, B.A., Wang, Z., Poirier, Y., Tyerman, S.D., Wu, P., Shou, H., Whelan, J.M. 2012, 'The emerging importance of the SPX domain-containing proteins in phosphate homeostasis', NEW PHYTOLOGIST, 193, pp. 842-851.

Smith, S.M., Waters, M.T. 2012, 'Strigolactones: Destruction-Dependent Perception?', CURRENT BIOLOGY, 22, 21, pp. R924-R297.

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