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   Paediatrics and Child Health

Paediatrics and Child Health

Book Chapters

Amarasekera, M., Martino, D., Tulic, M.K., Saffery, R., Prescott, S.L. 2012, Epigenetic Aberrations in Human Allergic Diseases in Epigenetics in Human Disease, Elsevier, United States

Couper, J., Jones, T.W. 2012, Diabetes in Practical Paediatrics, Elsevier Ltd, United Kingdom

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Hopkins, K.D., Taylor, C., D'Antoine, H., Zubrick, S.R. 2012, Predictors of resilient psychosocial functioning in western australia aboriginal young people exposed to high family-level risk in The Social Ecology of Resilience - A Handbook of Theory and Practice, Springer, United States

Journal Articles

Allen, K.L., Byrne, S.M., Hii, H., Van Eekelen, A.A., Mattes, E., Foster, J.K. 2013, 'Neurocognitive functioning in adolescents with eating disorders: A population-based study', COGNITIVE NEUROPSYCHIATRY, 17 Jul 2012, pp. 21pp.

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