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 Research Publications
  2012 Research Publications
   Natural and Agricultural Science Office, Faculty of

Natural and Agricultural Science Office, Faculty of

Book Chapters

Cowling, W.A., Cullis, B.R., Beeck, C.P., Nelson, M.N. 2012, Towards genomic selection in oilseed Brassica in Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Oilseed Brassicas, Science Publishers Inc, New Hampshire

Farooq, M., Hussain, M., Wahid, A., Siddique, K. 2012, Drought stress in plants: an overview in Plant Responses to Drought Stress: From Morphological to Molecular Features, Springer-Verlag, Germany

Harper, R.J., Smettem, K.R., Townsend, P.V., Bartle, J.R., McGrath, J.F. 2012, Broad-scale restoration of landscape function with timber, carbon and water investment in Forest Landscape Restoration: Integrating Social and Natural Sciences, Springer, Netherlands

Palta, J.A., Berger, J.D., Bramley, H. 2012, Physiology of the yield under drought: lessons from studies with lupin in Plant Responses to Drought Stress: From Morphological to Molecular Features, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Germany

Toews, M.D., Nansen, C. 2012, Trapping and interpreting captures of stored grain insects in Stored Product Protection, Kansas State University, Kansas City USA

Journal Articles

Adhikari, K.N., Edwards, O.R, Wang, S., Ridsdill-Smith, T.J., Buirchell, B.J. 2012, 'The role of alkaloids in conferring aphid resistance in yellow lupins (Lupinus luteus L.)', CROP AND PASTURE SCIENCE, 63, 5, pp. 444-451.

Adhikari, K.N., Buirchell, B.J., Sweetingham, M.W. 2012, 'Length of vernalization period affects flowering time in three lupin species', Plant Breeding, 131, pp. 631-636.

Alghamdi, S.S., Migdadi, H.M., Ammar, M.H., Paull, J.G., Siddique, K. 2012, 'Faba bean genomics: Current status and future prospects', Euphytica, 186, pp. 609-624.

Anderson, J.P., Lichtenzveig, J., Oliver, R.P., Singh, K.B. 2012, 'Medicago truncatula as a model host for studying legume infecting Rhizoctonia solani and identification of a locus affecting resistance to root canker', Plant Pathology, 62, 2, pp. 14pp.

Anderson, W.K., Flower, K.C., Siddique, K. 2012, 'Yield and soil improvement in rainfed crop production', INDIAN JOURNAL OF AGRONOMY, 57, 3, pp. 209 - 216.

Anjum, S.A., Farooq, M., Xie, X.-Y., Liu, X.-J., Ijaz, M.F. 2012, 'Antioxidant defense system and proline accumulation enables hot pepper to perform better under drought', Scientia Horticulturae, 140, pp. 66-73.

Aryamanesh, N., Byrne, O.M., Hardie, D.C., Khan, T., Siddique, K., Yan, G. 2012, 'Large-scale density-based screening for pea weevil resistance in advanced backcross lines derived from cultivated field pea (Pisum sativum) and Pisum fulvum', Crop and Pasture Science, 63, pp. 612-618.

Atique-ur-Rehman, A, Farooq, M., Cheema, Z.A., Wahid, A. 2012, 'Seed priming with boron improves growth and yield of fine grain aromatic rice', Plant Growth Regulation, 68, pp. 189-201.

Belane, A.K., Dakora, F.D. 2012, 'Elevated concentrations of dietarily-important trace elements and macronutrients in edible leaves and grain of 27 cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.) genotypes: Implications for human nutrition and health', Food and Nutrition Sciences, 3, pp. 377-386.

Bramley, H., Ehrenberger, W., Zimmermann, U., Palta, J.A., Rüger, S., Siddique, K.H.M. 2012, 'Non-invasive pressure probes magnetically clamped to leaves to monitor the water status of wheat', PLANT AND SOIL, 365, 1, pp. 12pp.

Chen, Y.L., Dunbabin, V.M., Diggle, A.J., Siddique, K.H.M., Rengel, Z. 2012, 'Assessing variability in root traits of wild Lupinus angustifolius germplasm: Basis for modelling root system structure', Plant and Soil, 354, pp. 141-155.

Chimphango, S.B.M., Musil, C.F., Dakora, F.D. 2012, 'Alteration in the mineral nutrition of purely symbiotic and nitrate-fed nodulated legumes exposed to elevated UV-B radiation', Journal of Plant Nutrition, 35, 1, pp. 1-20.

Clements, J.C., Wilson, J.G., Sweetingham, M.W., Quealy, J.A., Francis, G.W. 2012, 'Male Sterility in three crop Lupinus species.', PLANT BREEDING, 131, pp. 155-163.

Cvitanovic, C, Wilson, S.K., Fulton, C.J., Almany, G.R., Anderson, P, Babcock, R.C., Ban, N.C., Beeden, R.J., Beger, M, Cinner, J, Dobbs, K, Evans, L.S., Farnham, A, Friedman, K., Gale, K, Gladstone, W, Grafton, Q, Graham, N.A.J., Gudge, S, Harrison, P.L., Holmes, T.H., Johnstone, N, Jones, G.P., Jordan, A, Kendrick, A.J., Klein, C.J., Little, L.R., Malcolm, H.A., Morris, D, Possingham, H.P., Prescott, J, Pressey, R.L., Skilleter, G.A., Simpson, C, Waples, K, Wilson, D, Williamson, D.H. 2013, 'Critical research needs for managing coral reef marine protected areas: Perspectives of academics and managers', JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, 114, pp. 84-91.

Dakora, F.D. 2012, 'Root-nodule bacteria isolated from native Amphithalea ericifolia and four indigenous Aspalathus species from the acidic soils of the South African fynbos are tolerant to very low pH', African Journal of Biotechnology, 11, 16, pp. 3766-3372.

Dempster, D.N., Jones, D.L., Murphy, D.V. 2012, 'Organic nitrogen mineralisation in two contrasting agro-ecosystems is unchanged by biochar addition', SOIL BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY, 48, pp. 47-50.

Dempster, D.N., Jones, D.L., Murphy, D.V. 2012, 'Clay and biochar amendments decreased inorganic but not dissolved organic nitrogen leaching in soil', Soil Research, 50, pp. 216-221.

Dennis, P.G., Rushton, S.P., Newsham, K.K., Lauducina, V.A., Ord, V.J., Daniell, T.J., O'Donnell, A.G., Hopkins, D.W. 2012, 'Soil fungal community composition does not alter along a latitudinal gradient through the maritime and sub-Antarctic', Fungal Ecology, 5, pp. 403-408.

Dias De Oliveira, E.A., Bramley, H., Siddique, K., Henty, S., Berger, J.D., Palta, J. 2012, 'Can elevated CO2 combined with high temperature ameliorate the effect of terminal drought in wheat?', FUNCTIONAL PLANT BIOLOGY, 40, pp. 160-171.

Evans, R.D., Murray, K.L., Field, S.N., Moore, J.A.Y., Shedrawi, G., Huntley, B.G., Fearns, P., Broomhall, M., McKinna, L.I.W., Marrable, D. 2012, 'Digitise This! A Quick and Easy Remote Sensing Method to Monitor the Daily Extent of Dredge Plumes', PLoS ONE, 7, 12, pp. 10pp.

Farooq, M., Wahid, A., Siddique, K. 2012, 'Micronutrient application through seed treatments - a review', Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 12, 1, pp. 125-142.

Finlayson, J., Real, D., Nordblom, T., Revell, C., Ewing, M., Kingwell, R. 2012, 'Farm level assessments of a novel drought tolerant forage: Tedera (Bituminaria bituminosa C.H. Stirt var. albomarginata)', Agricultural Systems, 112, pp. 38 - 47.

Finlayson, J., Lawes, R.A., Metcalf, T, Robertson, M.J., Ferris, D, Ewing, M.A. 2012, 'A bio-economic evaluation of the profitability of adopting subtropical grasses and pasture-cropping on crop-livestock farms', AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMS, 106, pp. 102-112.

Ganesalingam, A., Smith, A., Beeck, C.P., Cowling, W.A., Thompson, R., Cullis, B.R. 2012, 'A bivariate mixed model approach for the analysis of plant survival data', Euphytica, 1, pp. 1-13.

George, N., Tungate, K., Beeck, C., Stamm, M. 2012, 'Exploring Genotype by Environment Interaction in Winter Canola in North Carolina', Journal of Agricultural Science, 4, 2, pp. 237 - 244.

Ghamkhar, K., Revell, C.K., Erskine, W. 2012, 'Biserrula pelecinus L. – genetic diversity in a promising pasture legume for the future', CROP AND PASTURE SCIENCE, 63, pp. 833-839.

Guo, S.-M., Kamphuis, L.G., Gao, L.-L., Klingler, J.P., Lichtenzveig, J., Edwards, O., Singh, K.B. 2012, 'Identification of distinct quantitative trait loci associated with defence against the closely related aphids Acyrthosiphon pisum and A. kondoi in Medicago truncatula', Journal of Experimental Botany, 63, 10, pp. 3913-3922.

Gusmao, M., Siddique, K., Flower, K.C., Nesbitt, H.J., Veneklaas, E.J. 2012, 'Water Deficit during the Reproductive Period of Grass Pea (Lathyrus sativus L.) Reduced Grain Yield but Maintained Seed Size', JOURNAL OF AGRONOMY AND CROP SCIENCE, 198, 6, pp. 430-441.

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Hosseini, S.M., Poustini, K., Siddique, K., Palta, J. 2012, 'Photosynthesis of barley awns does not play a significant role in grain yield under terminal drought', Crop and Pasture Science, 63, pp. 489-499.

Hu, B., Jia, Y., Zhao, Z.-H., Li, F.-M., Siddique, K. 2012, 'Soil P availability, inorganic P fractions and yield effect in a calcareous soil with plastic-film-mulched spring wheat', Field Crops Research, 137, pp. 221-229.

Hussain, M., Jang, K.H., Farooq, M., Lee, D.-J. 2012, 'Morphological and physiological evaluation of Korean Rice genotypes for salt resistance', International Journal of Agriculture and Biology, 14, 6, pp. 970-974.

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Hussain, M, Khan, M.A., Khan, M.B., Farooq, M., Farooq, S. 2012, 'Boron application improves the growth, yield and net economic return of rice', RICE SCIENCE, 19, 3, pp. 259-262.

Hussain, M., Mehmood, Z., Khan, M.B., Farooq, S., Lee, D.-J., Farooq, M. 2012, 'Narrow row spacing ensures higher productivity of low tillering wheat cultivars', International Journal of Agriculture and Biology, 14, 3, pp. 413-418.

Iqbal, S., Farooq, M., Nawaz, A., Rehman, A., Rehman, A. 2012, 'Optimizing boron seed priming treatments for improving the germination and early seedling growth of wheat', Journal of Agriculture and Social Sciences, 8, pp. 57-61.

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Yasmeen, A., Basra, S.M.A., Farooq, M., Rehman, H.u., Hussain, N., Athar, H.u.R. 2013, 'Exogenous application of moringa leaf extract modulates the antioxidant enzyme system to improve wheat performance under saline conditions', Plant Growth Regulation, 69, pp. 225–233.

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Conference Publications

Banik, B.K., Durmic, Z., Erskine, W., Ghamkhar, K., Ryan, M., Kaur, P., Nichols, P.G. 2012, 'Variability in the Rumen Methanogenic Potential among F2-Derived F3 Lines of a Bi-Parental Cross between Cultivars of Subterranean Clover', 15th AAAP Animal Science Congress, Thailand, 15, pp. 931.

Other Publications

Serraj, R., Siddique, K. 2012, 'Conservation agriculture in dry areas', Field Crops Research, 132, pp. 1-6.

Wahid, A., Farooq, M. 2012, 'Is seed invigoration economical and practical?', Journal of Agriculture and Social Sciences, 8, 2, pp. 79-80.

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