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 Research Publications
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   Indigenous Studies, School of

Indigenous Studies, School of

Book Chapters

Jafari, I.M., Togneri, R., Nordholm, S. 2012, Advancements in the Time-Frequency Approach to Multichannel Blind Source Separation in Independent Component Analysis for Audio and Biosignal Applications, InTech, Croatia

Journal Articles

Binks, R.M., Prince, J., Evans, J.P., Kennington, W.J. 2012, 'More Than Bindin Divergence: Reproductive Isolation Between Sympatric Subspecies Of A Sea Urchin By Asynchronous Spawning', Evolution, 66, 11, pp. 3545-3557.

Collard, L.M., Bracknell, C. 2012, 'Beeliar Boodjar: An introduction to Aboriginal history in the City of Cockburn, Western Australia', AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL STUDIES, 2012, 1, pp. 86-91.

Cross, J.L., Boulos, S., Shepherd, K.L., Craig, A.J., Lee, S., Bakker, A.J., Knuckey, N.W., Meloni, B.P. 2012, 'High level over-expression of different NCX isoforms in HEK293 cell lines and primary neuronal cultures is protective following oxygen glucose deprivation', Neuroscience Research, 73, 3, pp. 191-198.

Dudgeon, P. 2012, 'Indigenous Australian Mental Health and Racism', Psychology Aotearoa, Volume 4, No 2, pp. 85-91.

Finlay, V, Hemanth Davidoss, N., Lei, C, Huangfu, J., Burrows, S.A., Edgar, D., Rea, S.M., Wood, F.M. 2012, 'Development and Evaluation of a DVD for the Education of Burn Patients Who Were Not Admitted', JOURNAL OF BURN CARE & RESEARCH, 33, pp. e70-e78.

Kwaymullina, B.J., Collins-Gearing, B, Kwaymullina, A.S., Pushman, T.M. 2012, 'Growing Up the Future: Children's Stories and Aboriginal Ecology', M/C JOURNAL, Vol 15, No 3, pp. On line journal.

Paul, D.J., Hill, S.F., Ewen, S.E. 2012, 'Revealing the (In)Competency of "Cultural Competency" in Medical Education', ALTERNATIVE: AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INDIGENOUS SCHOLARSHIP, 8, 3, pp. 318-328.


Polus, S., Lerberg, P., Vogel, J., Watananirun, K., Souza, J.P., Mathai, M., G¨¹lmezoglu, A.M. 2012, 'Appraisal of WHO guidelines in maternal health using the AGREE II assessment tool', PLoS ONE, 7,

Preston-Samson, A.B. 2012, 'Navigating muddy waters: Does the High Court have a role in adjudicating interstate river disputes?', ENVIRONMENTAL AND PLANNING LAW JOURNAL, 29, pp. 373-400.

Rammohan, A., Awofeso, N., Fernandez, R.C. 2012, 'Paternal education status significantly influences infants' measles vaccination uptake, independent of maternal education status', BMC Public Health, 12, 5 (article 336), pp. 1-11.

Robinson, P., Schechter, M.S., Sly, P.D., Winfield, S.J., Smith, J., Brennan, S., Shinkai, M., Henke, M.O., Rubin, B.K. 2012, 'Clarithromycin therapy for patients with Cystic Fibrosis: A randomized controlled trial', Pediatric Pulmonology, 47, 6, pp. 551-557.

Rodger, J., Mo, C., Wilks, T., Dunlop, S.A., Sherrard, R. 2012, 'Transcranial pulsed magnetic field stimulation facilitates reorganization of abnormal neural circuits and corrects behavioral deficits without disrupting normal connectivity', FASEB Journal, 26, pp. 1593-1606.

Rubenson, J., Pires, N.J., Loi, HO, Pinniger, G.J., Shannon, D.G. 2012, 'On the ascent: the soleus operating length is conserved to the ascending limb of the force-length curve across gait mechanics in humans', JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY, 215, pp. 3539-3551.

Sim, M.P., Dawson, B.T., Landers, G.J., Swinkels, D.W., Tjalsma, H., Trinder, D., Peeling, P. 2012, 'Effect of Exercise Modality and Intensity on Post-Exercise Interleukin-6 and Hepcidin Levels', International Journal of Sport Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism, E-Pub, pp. 1-24.

Thomas, M.A. 2012, 'Cosmopolitanism, Law and the Challenge of Globalisation', JOURNAL OF THE AUSTRALASIAN LAW TEACHERS ASSOCIATION, 5, 1 and 2, pp. 97-113.

Vogel, J.P., Betran, A.P., Widmer, M., Souza, J.P., Gulmezoglu, A.M., Seuc, A., Torloni, M.R., Mengestu, T.K., Merialdi, M. 2012, 'Role of faith-based and nongovernment organizations in the provision of obstetric services in 3 African countries', AMERICAN JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY, 207, pp. 495.e1-7.

Ward, S.V., Cadby, G., Heyworth, J.S., Fear, M.W., Wallace, H.J., Cole, J.M., Wood, F.M., Palmer, L.J. 2012, 'Association of TGF¦Â1 and clinical factors with scar outcome following melanoma excision', Archives of Dermatological Research, 304, 5, pp. 343-51.

Conference Publications

Maisey, S, Saunders, S.M., West, N., Franklin, P.J. 2012, 'How can the structural characteristics of buildings affect the chemistry of the air indoors?', Healthy Buildings 2012, Australia, 1, pp. 7.

Creative Works

Kwaymullina, B.J. 2012, 'Frozen Colonial Soldiers: Aboriginal Research and the Archives', Westerly, Australia, pp. 37-40.

Revell, G., Collard, L.M. 2012, 'The Narrows Interchange: Greetings from Nyungar Boodjar or Kaarta Gar-up (Kings Park) - Cultural Decoys in the Ocular of Perth',, pp. 38-39 From the Debris: A Landscape Exhibition Revived.

Other Publications

Bracknell, C. 2012, 'The Wirlomin Project, archives and Noongar knowledge', International Indigenous Development Research Conference 2012, 2012, pp. 285.

Collard, L.M., Reid, N 2012, 'Boordawan Walwalingup Kal Future Vision for City of Fremantle', pp. 12-14.

Dudgeon, P., Cox, K, D'Anna, D, Dunkley, C, Hams, K, Kelly, K, Scrine, C, Walker, R 2012, 'Hear our Voices: Community Consultations for the Development of an Empowerment, Healing and Leadership Program for Aboriginal People living in the Kimberley, Western Australia', pp. 124.

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