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Human Resources

Journal Articles

Grisbrook, T.L., Stearne, S.M., Reid, S.L., Wood, F.M., Rea, S.M., Elliott, C.M. 2012, 'Demonstration of the use of the ICF framework in detailing complex functional deficits after major burn', BURNS, 38, pp. 32-43.

Joseph, P., Debowski, S., Goldschmidt, P. 2012, 'Paradigm shifts in recordkeeping responsibilities: implications for ISO 15489's implementation', Records Management Journal, 22, 1, pp. 57-75.

Other Publications

Stearne, S.M., Rubenson, J., Alderson, J.A. 2012, 'Investigation of running foot strike technique on Achilles tendon force using ultrasound techniques and a Hill-type model', JOURNAL OF FOOT AND ANKLE RESEARCH, 5, Supplement 1, pp. 25-26.

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