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   Forensic Science, Centre for

Forensic Science, Centre for

Journal Articles

Al-Eitan, L., Jaradat, S.A., Su, S.YS, Tay, G.K., Hulse, G.K. 2012, 'Mu opioid receptor (OPRMI) as a predictor of treatment outcome in opiate-dependent individuals of Arab descent', PHARMACOGENOMICS AND PERSONALIZED MEDICINE, 5, N/A, pp. 1-13.

Al-Eitan, L., Jaradat, S.A., Qin, W., Wildenauer, M.M., Wildenauer, D.B., Hulse, G.K., Tay, G.G. 2012, 'Characterization of serotonin transporter gene (SLC6A4) polymorphisms and its association with drug dependence in a Jordanian Arab population', TOXICOLOGY AND INDUSTRIAL HEALTH, 02.10.12, pp. 1-13.

Al-Eitan, L.N., Jaradat, S.A., Hulse, G.K., Tay, G.K. 2012, 'Custom genotyping for substance addiction susceptibility genes in Jordanians of Arab descent', BMC Research Notes, 5, 497, pp. 1-11.

Al-Eitan, L., Jaradat, S.A, Hulse, G.K., Tay, G.G. 2012, 'Pharmacogenetic approach to treating drug dependence: Serotonin transporter gene (SLC6A4) promoter polymorphisms as treatment predictors in Jordanian Arabs', CURRENT PHARMACOGENOMICS AND PERSONALIZED MEDICINE: THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR EXPERT REVIEWS IN PHARMACOGENOMICS, 10, 4, pp. 293-305.

Allowen, E, Cucchi, T, Cardini, A., Vidarsdottir, U.S, Larson, G, Dobney, K 2012, 'The long and winding road: identifying pig domestication through molar size and shape', JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE, 40, 1, pp. 735–743.

Alsafar, H., Jama Alol, K., Hassoun, A.A.K., Tay, G.G. 2012, 'The prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the United Arab Emirates: justification for the establishment of the Emirates Family Registry.', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DIABETES IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES, 32, pp. 8pp.

Cook, D.F., Voss, S.C., Dadour, I.R. 2012, 'The laying of live larvae by the blowfly Calliphora varifrons (Diptera: Calliphoridae)', Forensic Science International, 23 July 2012, pp. 3pp.

Franklin, D., Cardini, A., Flavel, A., Kuliukas, A. 2012, 'The application of traditional and geometric morphometric analyses for forensic quantification of sexual dimorphism: Preliminary investigations in a Western Australian population', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LEGAL MEDICINE, 126, 4, pp. 549-558.

Franklin, D. 2012, 'Human skeletal remains from a multiple burial associated with the mutiny of the VOC Retourschip Batavia, 1629', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OSTEOARCHAEOLOGY, 22, 6, pp. 740-748.

Franklin, D., Cardini, A., Flavel, A., Kuliukas, A., Marks, M. K, Hart, R, Oxnard, C.E., O'Higgins, P. 2012, 'Concordance of traditional osteometric and volume-rendered MSCT interlandmark cranial measurements', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LEGAL MEDICINE, 1, pp. 1-16.

Franklin, D., Flavel, A., Kuliukas, A., Cardini, A., Marks, M.K., Oxnard, C.E., O'Higgins, P. 2012, 'Estimation of sex from sternal measurements in a Western Australian population', FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL, 217, 1-3, pp. 230.e1-230.e5.

Fysh, E.T.H., Waterer, G.W., Kendall, P.A., Bremner, P.R., Dina, S., Geelhoed, E., McCarney, K., Morey, S., Millward, M.J., Musk, A.W., Lee, G. 2012, 'Indwelling pleural catheters reduce inpatient days over pleurodesis for malignant pleural effusion', Chest, 142, pp. 394-400.

Hart, R., Doherty, D.A., Pennell, C.E., Newnham, I.A., Newnham, J.P. 2012, 'Periodontal disease: A potential modifiable risk factor limiting conception', Human Reproduction, 27, pp. 1332-1342.

Ishak, N., Hemy, N.R., Franklin, D. 2012, 'Estimation of stature from hand and handprint dimensions in a Western Australian population', FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL, 216, 1-3, pp. 199.e1-199.e7.

Ishak, N., Hemy, N.R., Franklin, D. 2012, 'Estimation of sex from hand and handprint dimensions in a Western Australian population', FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL, 221, 1-3, pp. 154.e1-154.e6.

Magni, P.A, Harvey, M.L., Saravo, L, Dadour, I.R. 2012, 'Entomological evidence: Lessons to be learnt from a cold case review', FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL, 223, 1-3, pp. e31-e34.

Martin, A.E., Watling, J.J., Lee, G. 2012, 'The multi-element determination and regional discrimination of Australian wines', FOOD CHEMISTRY, 133, 3, pp. 1081-1089.

Misso, M.L., Wong, J.L.A., Teede, H.J., Hart, R., Rombauts, L., Melder, A.M., Norman, R.J., Costello, M.F. 2012, 'Aromatase inhibitors for PCOS: A systematic review and meta-analysis', Human Reproduction Update, 18, pp. 301-312.

Oxnard, C.E., Obendorf, PJ, Kefford, BJ, Dennison, J 2012, 'More on the Liang Bua finds and modern human cretins', HOMO-JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE HUMAN BIOLOGY, 63, pp. 407-412.

Rajshekar, M., Kruger, E., Tennant, M. 2012, 'Bite-Marks: Understanding the role of general practitioners in forensic identification', Journal of International Oral Health, July, 2012, 2, pp. 7pp.

Rajshekar, M., Kruger, E., Tennant, M. 2012, 'Photographic imaging distortion and its effects on forensic bite mark analysis', Journal of Advanced Oral Research, 3, 3, pp. 6pp.

Seetah, T.K, Cardini, A., Miracle, P.T 2012, 'can morphospace shed light on cave bear spatial temporal variation? population dynamics of ursus spelaeus from romualdova pecina and vindija, (Croatia)', JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE, 39, 2, pp. 500–510.

Weinborn, M.G., Woods, S.P., Nulsen, C., Leighton, A. 2012, 'The effects of coaching on the verbal and nonverbal medical symptom validity tests', Clinical Neuropsychologist, 26, pp. 832-849.

Conference Publications

Fowle, K.G., Green, H.R. 2012, 'SCIENCE OR EXPERIENCE; what is more relevant?', THE 2012 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON Security & management, United States, 12, pp. 621-626.

Other Publications

Al-Eitan, L., Jaradat, S.A., Dadour, I.R., Tay, G., Hulse, G.K. 2012, 'Polymorphisms in the u-opioid receptor gene in Jordanian Arabs with opiate drug dependence', ScienceMED, 3, 2, pp. 91-97.

Costello, M.F., Misso, M.L., Wong, J., Hart, R., Rombauts, L., Melder, A., Norman, R.J., Teede, H.J. 2012, 'The treatment of infertility in polycystic ovary syndrome: A brief update', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 52, pp. 400.

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