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 Research Publications
  2012 Research Publications
   Computer Science and Software Engineering

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Book Chapters

Dresisiger, P, Liu, W., MacNish, C.K. 2012, Estimating Conceptual Similarities Using Distributed Representations and Extended Backpropagation in Behavior Computing: Modeling, Analysis, Mining and Decision, Springer-Verlag, UK

Mian, A.S., Pears, N. 2012, 3D Face Recognition in 3D Imaging, Analysis and Applications, Springer-Verlag, UK

Pivonka, P., Buenzli, P., Dunstan, C.R. 2012, A Systems Approach to Understanding Bone Cell Interactions in Health and Disease in Cell Interation, InTech, USA

Journal Articles

Anderson, A.M., Carter, K.W., Anderson, D., Wise, M. 2012, 'Coexpression of nuclear receptors and histone methylation modifying genes in the testis: Implications for endocrine disruptor modes of action', PLoS ONE, 7, 4, pp. 11pp.

Behdad, M., Barone, L.C., Bennamoun, M., French, T.N. 2012, 'Nature-inspired techniques in the context of fraud detection', IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics Part C: Applications and Reviews, 42, 6, pp. 1273 - 1290.

Behdad, M., French, T.N., Barone, L.C., Bennamoun, M. 2012, 'On principal component analysis for high-dimensional XCSR', Evolutionary Intelligence, 5, pp. 129-138.

Behdad, M., Barone, L.C., French, T.N., Bennamoun, M. 2012, 'On XCSR for electronic fraud detection', Evolutionary Intelligence, 5, pp. 139-150.

Boeing, A., Boulton, M.A., Braunl, T., Frisch, B., Lopes, S., Morgan, A., Ophelders, F., Pangeni, S., Reid, R., Vinsen, K.L., Garel, N., Lee, C.S., Masek, M., Attwood, A., Fazio, M., Gandossi, A. 2012, 'WAMbot: Team MAGICian's entry to the multi autonomous ground-robotic international challenge 2010', Journal of Field Robotics, 29, pp. 707-728.

Buenzli, P., Jeon, J., Pivonka, P., Smith, D.W., Cummings, P.T. 2012, 'Investigation of bone resorption within a cortical basic multicellular unit using a lattice-based computational model', BONE, 50, 1, pp. 378-389.

Buenzli, P.R., Pivonka, P., Gardiner, B.S., Smith, D.W. 2012, 'Modelling the anabolic response of bone using a cell population model', Journal of Theoretical Biology, 307, pp. 42-52.

Cruz, F.R.B., Kendall, G., While, R.L., Duarte, A.R., Brito, N.L.C. 2012, 'Throughput Maximization of Queuing Networks with Simultaneous Minimization of Service Rates and Buffers', MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING, 2012, pp. 1-19.

García Adeva, J.J., Botha, J.H., Reynolds, M. 2012, 'A simulation modelling approach to forecast establishment and spread of Bactrocera fruit flies', Ecological Modelling, 227, pp. 93-108.

García Adeva, J.J., Reynolds, M. 2012, 'Web-based simulation of fruit fly to support biosecurity decision-making', Ecological Informatics, 9, pp. 19-36.

Gardiner, B.S., Thompson, S.L., Ngo, J.P., Smith, D.W., Abdelkader, A., Broughton, B.R.S., Bertram, J.F., Evans, R.G. 2012, 'Diffusive oxygen shunting between vessels in the preglomerular renal vasculature: Anatomic observations and computational modeling', AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY: RENAL PHYSIOLOGY, 303, 5, pp. 605-618.

Garg, D., Datta, A., French, T.N. 2012, 'New Test Case Prioritization Strategies for Regression Testing of Web Applications', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS ASSURANCE ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT, 3, 4, pp. 300-309.

Gopalakrishnan, V., Rajan, D., Hu, Y. 2012, 'A linear dynamical system framework for salient motion detection', IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 22, pp. 683-692.

Hu, Y., Mian, A.S., Owens, R. 2012, 'Face recognition using sparse approximated nearest points between image sets', IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 34, 10, pp. 1992-2004.

Hurt, A.C., Hardie, K., Wilson, N.J., Deng, Y.M., Osbourn, M., Leang, S.K., Lee, R.T.C., Iannello, P., Gehrig, N., Shaw, R., Wark, P., Caldwell, N., Givney, R.C., Xue, L., Maurer-Stroh, S., Dwyer, D.E., Wang, B., Smith, D.W., Levy, A., Booy, R., Dixit, R., Merritt, T., Kelso, A., Dalton, C., Durrheim, D., Barr, I.G. 2012, 'Characteristics of a widespread community cluster of H275Y oseltamivir-resistant a(H1N1)pdm09 influenza in Australia', Journal of Infectious Diseases, 206, pp. 148-157.

Islam, S.M., Davies, R.M., Bennamoun, M., Owens, R.A., Mian, A.S. 2012, 'Multibiometric human recognition using 3D ear and face features', PATTERN RECOGNITION, 46, 3, pp. 613-627.

Johnson, C.E., Lizama, N., Garg, N., Ghosh, M., Emery, J.D., Saunders, C.M. 2012, 'Australian general practitioners' preferences for managing the care of people diagnosed with cancer', Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology, 29Oct12, pp. 9pp.

Lei, Y., Bennamoun, M., El-Sallam Abd, A. 2013, 'An efficient 3D face recognition approach based on the fusion of novel local low-level features', PATTERN RECOGNITION, 46, 1, pp. 24-37.

Mahmood, A., Khan, S. 2012, 'Correlation-coefficient-based fast template matching through partial Elimination', IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 21, pp. 2099-2108.

Mian, A., Hartley, R. 2012, 'Hyperspectral video restoration using optical flow and sparse coding', Optics Express, 20, 10, pp. 10658 - 10673.

Nguyen, D.Q., Ross, C.M., Li, Y.Q., Pandav, S., Gardiner, B.S., Smith, D.W., How, A.C., Crowston, J.G., Coote, M.A. 2012, 'A Model to Measure Fluid Outflow in Rabbit Capsules Post Glaucoma Implant Surgery', INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE, 53, 11, pp. 6914-6919.

Pivonka, P., Dunstan, C.R. 2012, 'Role of Mathematical Modeling in Bone Fracture Healing', IBMS BoneKEy, 2012, 221, pp. 1-10.

Pivonka, P., Smith, D.W., Scheiner, S. 2012, 'Electro-diffusive transport in macroscopic porous media: Estimation of effective transport properties using numerical upscaling', COMPUTERS AND GEOTECHNICS, 48, pp. 283-292.

Pivonka, P., Buenzli, P., Scheiner, S., Hellmich, C., Dunstan, C.R. 2012, 'The influence of bone surface availability in bone remodelling – A mathematical model including coupled geometrical and biomechanical regulations of bone cells', ENGINEERING STRUCTURES, 47, pp. 134-147.

Reynolds, M. 2013, 'A tableau for general linear temporal logic', JOURNAL OF LOGIC AND COMPUTATION, 1, pp. 1-24.

Sinn Aw, M., Khalid, K.A., Gulati, K., Atkins, G.J., Pivonka, P., Findlay, D.M., Losic, D. 2012, 'Characterization of drug release kinetics in trabecular bone from titania nanotube implants', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOMEDICINE, 2012, 7, pp. 4883-4892.

Smith, D.W., Gardiner, B.S., Dunstan, C. 2012, 'Bone balance within a cortical BMU: Local controls of bone resorption and formation', PLoS ONE, 7, 7, pp. 1-12.

Sohel, F., Karmakar, G.C., Dooley, L.S., Bennamoun, M. 2012, 'Sliding-Window Designs for Vertex-based Shape Coding', IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MULTIMEDIA, 14, 3, pp. 683-692.

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Wang, T., Lin, Z., Day, R.E., Gardiner, B.S., Landao, E., Rubenson, J., Kirk, T.B., Smith, D.W., Lloyd, D.G., Hardisty, G., Wang, A., Zheng, Q., Zheng, M.H. 2013, 'Programmable mechanical stimulation influences tendon homeostasis in a bioreactor system', Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 7 December 2012, pp. 13pp.

While, R.L., Bradstreet, L., Barone, L.C. 2012, 'A fast way of calculating exact hypervolumes', IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 16, 1, pp. 86-95.

Wong, W.Y., Liu, W., Bennamoun, M. 2012, 'Ontology Learning from Text: A look back and into the future', ACM COMPUTING SURVEYS, 44, 4, pp. 1-36.

Conference Publications

Al-Bataineh, O., French, T.N., Woodings, T. 2012, 'Formal modeling and analysis of a distributed transaction protocol in UPPAAL', Proceedings - 2012 19th International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning, TIME 2012, UK, 1, pp. 65-72.

Bosveld, J., Huynh, D.Q. 2012, 'Boosted particle swarm optimization of Gabor filter feature vector', 2012 International Conference on Digital Image Computing Techniques and Applications, DICTA 2012, USA, 1, pp. 1-7.

Cardell-Oliver, R.M., Willig, A., Huebner, C., Buehring, T., Monsalve Ballester, A.E. 2012, 'Error Control Strategies for Transmit-Only Sensor Networks: A Case Study', 18th IEEE International Conference on Networks, USA, 1, pp. 453-458.

Datta, A., Moradmand, N., Oakley, G. 2012, 'A computer-assisted framework based on a cognitivist learning theory for teaching mathematics in early primary years', Australian Computers in Education Conference, Australia, 1, pp. 1-12.

Ditmarsch, H., French, T.N., Velazquez-Quesada, F. 2012, 'Action models for knowledge and awareness', 11th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS), USA, 2, pp. 1091-1098.

French, T.N., McCabe-Dansted, J.C., Reynolds, M. 2012, 'Synthesis for Temporal Logic over the Reals', Advances in Modal Logic, UK, 9, pp. 217-238.

French, T.N., Hales, J.C., Davies, R.M. 2012, 'Refinement Quantified Logics of Knowledge and belief for Multiple Agents', Advances in Modal Logic 2012, UK, 9, pp. 317-338.

Garg, D., Datta, A., French, T.N. 2012, 'A Two-Level Prioritization Approach for Regression Testing of Web Applications', The 19th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC 2012), USA, 2, pp. 150-153.

Garg, D., Datta, A. 2012, 'Test case prioritization due to database changes in web applications', IEEE 5th International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation, ICST 2012, USA, 1, pp. 726-730.

Guo, Y, Bennamoun, M., Sohel, F., Wan, J., Lu, M. 2012, '3d Free form Object Recognition Using Rotational Projection Statistics', IEEE Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2013, USA, 1, pp. 1-8.

Hayat, M., Bennamoun, M., El-Sallam Abd, A. 2012, 'Fully Automatic Face Recognition from 3D Videos', 21st International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Japan, 1, pp. 1415-1418.

Hayat, M., Bennamoun, M., El-Sallam Abd, A. 2012, 'Evaluation of Spatiotemporal Detectors and Descriptors for Facial Expression Recognition', 5th International Conference on Human System Interaction, Australia, 1, pp. 43-47.

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Honda, K.E., Keys, M.J., Lyttle, A.D., Alderson, J.A., Bennamoun, M., El-Sallam Abd, A. 2012, 'Freestyle swimming: an insight into propulsive and resistive mechanisms', 30 International Conference on Biomechanics in Sports (2012), Australia, 1, pp. 96-99.

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Lim, K.H., Datta, A. 2012, 'An in-depth analysis of the effects of IMEP on TORA protocol', IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, WCNC, Paris, France, 1, pp. 3051 - 3056.

Lim, K.H., Datta, A. 2012, 'Following the follower: Detecting communities with common interests on twitter', 23rd ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media (HT12), New York, USA, 1, pp. 317-318.

Lim, K.H., Datta, A. 2012, 'Finding twitter communities with common interests using following links of celebrities', The 3rd International Workshop on Modeling Social Media (MSM'12), USA, 1, pp. 25-32.

Lim, K.H., Datta, A. 2012, 'Enhancing the TORA protocol using network localization and selective node participation', 23rd IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, PIMRC, Sydeny, Australia, 1, pp. 1503-1508.

Lim, K.H., Datta, A. 2012, 'Tweets Beget Propinquity: Detecting Highly Interactive Communities on Twitter using Tweeting Links', The 2012 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence, Macau, China, 1, pp. 1-8.

Mahmood, A., Mian, A.S. 2012, 'Hierarchical sparse spectral clustering for image set classification', British Machine Vision Conference 2012 (BMVC 2012), UK, 1, pp. 1-11.

Male, S.A., MacNish, C.K., Baillie, C.A. 2012, 'Engaging students in engineering curriculum renewal using threshold concepts', 8th International CDIO (Conveive Design Implement Operate) Conference, Brisbane, Australia, Pen drive, pp. 10 pp.

McCabe-Dansted, J.C. 2012, 'A tableau for the combination of CTL and BCTL', Proceedings - 2012 19th International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning, TIME 2012, UK, 1, pp. 29-36.

Monsalve, A., Cardell-Oliver, R.M., Datta, A., Huebner, C. 2012, 'Empirical evaluation of adapting IEEE 802.15.4 contention windows for maximum performance', IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, PIMRC, USA, 1, pp. 260-265.

Moser, J.R., Gutl, C., Liu, W. 2012, 'Refined distractor generation with LSA stylometry for automated multiple choice question generation', 25th International Australasian Joint Conference, UK, 7691, pp. 95-106.

Mourao Rossi, M., El-Sallam Abd, A., Benjanuvatra, N., Lyttle, A.D., Blanksby, B.A., Bennamoun, M. 2012, 'A Novel Approach to Calculate Body Segments Inertial Parameters from DXA and 3D Scanners Data', 4th International Conference on Computational Methods (ICCM2012), Australia, 1, pp. 1-9.

Naseem, I., Togneri, R., Bennamoun, M. 2012, 'A Model-based Approach to Speaker Identification using Class-specific Dictionaries', 14th Australasian International Conference on Speech Science and Technology (SST 2012), Australia, 14, pp. 57-60.

Sui, C., Haque, S., Togneri, R., Bennamoun, M. 2012, 'A 3D Audio-visual Corpus for Speech Recognition', 14th Australasian International Conference on Speech Science and Technology (SST 2012), Australia, 14, pp. 125-128.

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Wittkamp, M., Barone, L.C., Hingston, P., While, R.L. 2012, 'Noise Tolerance for Real-time Evolutionary Learning of Cooperative Predator-Prey Strategies', 2012 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG), USA, 1, pp. 25-32.

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Other Publications

Logan, J. 2012, 'Electronic health information system implementation models - a review', STUDIES IN HEALTH TECHNOLOGY AND INFORMATICS, 178, pp. 117-123.

Milne, G.J., Kelso, J.K., Halder, N. 2012, 'Lower NI efficacy may significantly reduce pandemic intervention effectiveness', BMJ Group, 345, pp. 1-2.

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Wang, T., Gardiner, B.S., Lin, Z., Rubenson, J., Kirk, T.B., Wang, A.W., Xu, J., Smith, D.W., Lloyd, D.G., Zheng, M.H. 2012, 'Bioreactor Design for Tendon/Ligament Engineering', TISSUE ENGINEERING PART B: REVIEWS, 19, 2, pp. 1-14.

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