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   Animal Biology

Animal Biology

Book Chapters

Didham, R.K., Denmead, L.H., Deakin, E.L. 2012, Riches to Rags: The Ecological Consequences of Land Use Intensification in New Zealand in Land Use Intensification: Effects on Agriculture, Biodiversity and Ecological Processes, C S I R O Publishing, Australia

Harvey, A.R., Ooi, J, Rodger, J. 2012, Neurotrophic Factors and the Regeneration of Adult Retinal Ganglion Cell Axons in International Review of Neurobiology: Axon Growth and Regeneration Part 2, Elsevier, Burlington

Journal Articles

Adhikari, K.N., Edwards, O.R, Wang, S., Ridsdill-Smith, T.J., Buirchell, B.J. 2012, 'The role of alkaloids in conferring aphid resistance in yellow lupins (Lupinus luteus L.)', CROP AND PASTURE SCIENCE, 63, 5, pp. 444-451.

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