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   Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology

Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology

Book Chapters

Chisholm, J.S. 2012, Flourishing, feelings, and fitness: an evolutionary perspective on health capability in Pragmatic Evolution - Applications of Evolutionary Theory, Cambridge University Press, UK

Deshpande, P.A., Lucas, M., Gaudieri, S. 2012, Genetic Variation of Host Immune Response Genes and Their Effect on Hepatitis C Infection and Treatment Outcome in Analysis of Genetic Variation in Animals, InTech, Croatia

Harvey, A.R. 2012, Evolution, music and neurotherapy in Pragmatic Evolution - Applications of Evolutionary Theory, Cambridge University Press, UK

Harvey, A.R., Ooi, J, Rodger, J. 2012, Neurotrophic Factors and the Regeneration of Adult Retinal Ganglion Cell Axons in International Review of Neurobiology: Axon Growth and Regeneration Part 2, Elsevier, Burlington

Judge, D.S., Sanders, K.A., Reghupathy, N., Amaral, PC, Schmitt, L.H. 2012, Family influeces on long-term and short-term child growth in Ossu area, Timor-Leste in Communicating New Research on Timor-Leste, Swinburne Press, Melbourne

Lucas, M., Lucas, A, Gaudieri, S. 2012, New Diagnostics for Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Understanding Tuberculosis - Global Experiences and Innovative Approaches To The Diagnosis, InTech, Croatia

Sakiyama-Elbert, S, Johnson, PJ, Hodgetts, S.I., Plant, G.W., Harvey, A.R. 2012, Scaffolds to promote spinal cord regeneration in Handbook of Clinical Neurology: Spinal Cord Injury, Elsevier BV, The Netherlands

Journal Articles

Ahmed, U, Latham, PS, Oates, P.S. 2012, 'Interactions between hepatic iron and lipid metabolism with possible relevance to steatohepatitis', WORLD JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY, 18, 34, pp. 4651-4658.

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