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   Water Research, Centre for

Water Research, Centre for

Journal Articles

Alosairi, Y., Imberger, J., Falconer, R.A. 2011, 'Mixing and flushing in the Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf)', JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-OCEANS, 116, C03029, pp. 1-14.

Castelletti, A., Antenucci, J.P., Limosani, D., Quach Thi, X., Soncini-Sessa, R. 2011, 'Interactive response surface approaches using computationally intensive models for multiobjective planning of lake water quality remediation', WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH, 47, W09534, pp. 1-15.

Cook, S.E., Fisher, M., Tiemann, T., Vidal, A. 2011, 'Water, food and poverty: global- and basin-scale analysis', WATER INTERNATIONAL, 36, 1, pp. 1-16.

Coronado, C., Czitrom, S.E., Imberger, J., Ramirez, I. 2011, 'Three-dimensional modelling of a wave-driven seawater pump inflow to the Port of Ensenada, Mexico', JOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH, 27, 6A, pp. 172-183.

Fornarelli, R., Antenucci, J.P. 2011, 'The impact of transfers on water quality and the disturbance regime in a reservoir', WATER RESEARCH, 45, 18, pp. 5873-5885.

Kemp-Benedict, E., Cook, S.E., Allen, S.L., Vosti, S., Lemoalle, J., Giordano, M., Ward, J., Kaczan, D. 2011, 'Connections between poverty, water and agriculture: evidence from 10 river basins', WATER INTERNATIONAL, 36, 1, pp. 125-140.

Kristiana, R., Antenucci, J.P., Imberger, J. 2011, 'Sustainability assessment of the impact of the Marina Bay development on Singapore: application of the index of sustainable functionality', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, 10, 1, pp. 1-35.

Kristiana, R., Chamelete De Vilhena, L., Begg, G., Antenucci, J.P., Imberger, J. 2011, 'The management of Lake Burragorang in a changing climate: The application of the Index of Sustainable Functionality', LAKE AND RESERVOIR MANAGEMENT, 27, 1, pp. 70-86.

Leon, L.F., Smith, R.E.H., Hipsey, M.R., Bocaniov, S.A., Higgins, S.N., Hecky, R.E., Antenucci, J.P., Imberger, J., Guildford, S.J. 2011, 'Application of a 3D hydrodynamic-biological model for seasonal and spatial dynamics of water quality and phytoplankton in Lake Erie', JOURNAL OF GREAT LAKES RESEARCH, 37, 1, pp. 41-53.

Marti, C.L., Mills, R.B., Imberger, J. 2011, 'Pathways of multiple inflows into a stratified reservoir: Thomson Reservoir, Australia', ADVANCES IN WATER RESOURCES, 34, 5, pp. 551-561.

Marti, C.L., Antenucci, J.P., Luketina, D., Okely, P.N., Imberger, J. 2011, 'Near-field dilution characteristics of a negatively buoyant hyper saline jet generated by a desalination plant', JOURNAL OF HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING-ASCE, 137, 1, pp. 57-65.

Maxwell, S., Brameld, K.J., Bower, C., Dickinson, J.E., Goldblatt, J., Hadlow, N., Hewitt, B., Murch, A., Murphy, A., Stock, R., O'Leary, P.C. 2011, 'Socio-demographic disparities in the uptake of prenatal screening and diagnosis in Western Australia', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 51, 1, pp. 9-16.

Meier, J.A., Jewell, J.S., Brennen, C., Imberger, J. 2011, 'Bubbles emerging from a submerged granular bed', JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS, 666, pp. 189-203.

Ng, S.M.Y., Antenucci, J.P., Hipsey, M.R., Tibor, G., Zohary, T. 2011, 'Physical controls on the spatial evolution of a dinoflagellate bloom in a large lake', LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY, 56, 6, pp. 2265-2281.

Nishri, A., Rimmer, A., Wagner, U., Rosentraub, Z., Yeates, P.S. 2011, 'Physical Controls on Spatial Variability in Decomposition of Organic Matter in Lake Kinneret, Israel', AQUATIC GEOCHEMISTRY, 17, 3, pp. 195-207.

Simanjuntak, M.A., Imberger, J., Nakayama, K., Ishikawa, T. 2011, 'Benthic and interfacial mixing in a strongly-stratified estuary', JOURNAL OF HYDRAULIC RESEARCH, 49, 6, pp. 791-798.

Verburg, P., Antenucci, J.P., Hecky, R.E. 2011, 'Differential cooling drives large-scale convective circulation in Lake Tanganyika', LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY, 56, 3, pp. 910-926.

Conference Publications

Fornarelli, R., Antenucci, J.P., Marti, C.L. 2011, 'Determining the impact of reservoir water transfers on water quality using advanced methods', Sustaining Our Future: understanding and living with uncertainty, Australia, 1, pp. 3497-3503.

Fornarelli, R., Galelli, S., Antenucci, J.P., Castelletti, A. 2011, 'Input variable selection for ecological modelling in inter-basin water transfer management', Sustaining Our Future: understanding and living with uncertainty, AUSTRALIA, 1, pp. 4022-4028.

Other Publications

Hogg, C., Huppert, H., Imberger, J., Pilotti, M. 2011, 'Mixing of an interflow into the ambient water of Lake Iseo', ISSF 2011, VII International Symposium on Stratified Flows, Italy, 1, pp. 1-7.

Hollick, M.F., Connelly, C. 2011, 'Hope for Humanity: How Understanding and Healing Trauma Could Solve the Planetary Crisis', pp. 455.

Marti, C.L., Imberger, J. 2011, 'Implementation of a real-time management system in the Swan Canning River Basin and its receiving waters (Western Australia, Australia)', IAGLR 2011, 54th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research, United States, Abstract Book, pp. 159.

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