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 Research Expertise and Publications
 Research Publications
  2011 Research Publications


Book Chapters

Bennett, L., Nair, C.S. 2011, Web-based or paper-based surveys: a quandary? in Student Feedback: The cornerstone to an effective quality assurance system in higher education, Chandos Publishing, Oxford, UK

Chalmers, D. 2011, Student feedback in the Australian national and university context in Student Feedback: The cornerstone to an effective quality assurance system in higher education, Chandos Publishing, Oxford, UK

Nair, C.S., Adams, P., Mertova, P. 2011, Inclusive practice in student feedback systems in Student Feedback: The cornerstone to an effective quality assurance system in higher education, Chandos Publishing, Oxford, UK

Reid, I. 2011, Itinerant reading, itinerant writing: Teaching Australian literature contextually in Teaching Australian Literature: From classroom conversations to national imaginings, Wakefield Press, South Australia

Journal Articles

Chalmers, D. 2011, 'Progress and challenges to the recognition and reward of the scholarship of teaching in higher education', HIGHER EDUCATION RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, 30, 1, pp. 25-38.

Djuuna, I.A.F., Abbott, L., Russell, C.A. 2011, 'Determination and Prediction of Some Soil Properties using Partial Least Square (PLS) Calibration and Mid-Infra Red (MIR) Spectroscopy Analysis', Jurnal Tanah Tropika, 16, 2, pp. 93-98.

Farrell, C., Szota, C., Hobbs, R.J., Colmer, T.D. 2011, 'Microsite and litter cover effects on soil conditions and seedling recruitment in a saline agricultural system', Plant and Soil, 348, pp. 397-409.

Gebauer, D.P., Williamson, R.A., Wallman, K.E., Dawson, B.T. 2011, 'The Effect of Mouthguard Design on Respiratory Function in Athletes', CLINICAL JOURNAL OF SPORT MEDICINE, 21, pp. 95-100.

Greenfield, C., Gilles, M., Porter, C., Shaw, P.T., Willis, K 2011, 'It's not just about the HbA1c, Doc! Understanding the psychosocial is also important in managing diabetes?', AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF RURAL HEALTH, 19, 1, pp. 15-19.

Medic, N., Young, B.W., Medic, D. 2011, 'Participation-related relative age effects in Masters swimming: A 6-year retrospective longitudinal analysis', Journal of Sports Sciences, 29, pp. 29.

Nair, C.S., Patil, A., Mertova, P. 2011, 'Enhancing the quality of engineering education by utilising student feedback: Quality and the engineering student experience: An institutional approach', EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING EDUCATION, 36, 1, pp. 3-12.

Nair, C.S., Murdoch, N., Mertova, P. 2011, 'Benchmarking the student experience: The offshore campus experience', THE TQM JOURNAL, 23, 6, pp. 585-597.

Shah, M., Nair, C.S. 2011, 'Renewing quality assurance at a time of turbulence: An attempt to reenergise quality in Australian higher education', Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education, 15, 3, pp. 92-96.

Shah, M, Nair, C.S. 2011, 'Building the plane while it's flying: enhancing the missed opportunity for quality assurance and capacity-building in Australian private higher education', European Journal of Higher Education, 1, 2-3, pp. 261-273.

Shah, M., Nair, C.S., Stanford, S-A. 2011, 'Academic Staff Views on External Quality Audit: Post Audit Evaluation in a Private Higher Education College', JOURNAL OF INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH, 16, 1, pp. 91-99.

Szota, C., Farrell, C., Koch, J.M., Lambers, H., Veneklaas, E.J. 2011, 'Contrasting physiological responses of two co-occurring eucalypts to seasonal drought at restored bauxite mine sites', Tree Physiology, 31, pp. 1052-1066.

Verschuren, O., Ketelaar, M., Keefer, D., Wright, V., Butler, J., Ada, L., Maher, C., Reid, S., Wright, M., Dalziel, B., Wiart, L., Fowler, E., Unnithan, V., Maltais, D.B., Van Den Berg-Emons, R., Takken, T. 2011, 'Identification of a core set of exercise tests for children and adolescents with cerebral palsy: a Delphi survey of researchers and clinicians', DEVELOPMENTAL MEDICINE AND CHILD NEUROLOGY, 53, pp. 449-456.

Conference Publications

Nair, C.S., Shah, M. 2011, 'Developing an Effective Student Feedback and Improvement System: Exemplars with Proven Success', AuQF2011: Demonstrating Quality, Melbourne, Australia, one, pp. 113-119.

Shah, M., Nair, C.S. 2011, 'Employer satisfaction of university graduates: Key capabilities in early career graduates', Developing student skills for the next decade: Teaching and Learning Forum 2011, http://otl.curtin.edu.au/tlf/tlf-pubs.html, one, pp. 10pp.

Shah, M., Nair, C.S. 2011, 'Engaging with Quality: Quality Assurance and Capacity Building in Private Higher Education', AuQF2011: Demonstrating Quality, Melbourne, Australia, one, pp. 138-144.

Creative Works

Reid, I. 2011, 'The End of Longing', Perth, pp. 300.

Snell, T. 2011, 'ALBANY: here there is here! in catalogue "Curator's Choice: City of Albany Collection 2011"', Albany, Western Australia, pp. not numbered (2pp of a total catalogue of 6pp).

Snell, T. 2011, 'The first big truth, in the catalogue "Perth: Gregory Pryor"', Perth, Western Australia, pp. 9-14.

Snell, T.W. 2011, 'Curator's Choice: City of Albany Collection 2011', , pp. 30 pieces; 29 January - 24 February 2011.

Other Publications

Bennet, L., Nair, C.S. 2011, 'Demonstrating Quality - Feedback on Feedback', AuQF2011: Demonstrating Quality, one, pp. 26-31.

Nair, C.S. 2011, 'Students' Feedback: An Imperative to Enhance Quality of Engineering Education', International Journal of Quality Assurance in Engineering and Technology Education, 1, 1, pp. 58-65.

Nair, C.S., Mertova, P. 2011, 'Student feedback - a critical component in building an effective quality assurance system in higher education: The evolution of needs', Journal of Education (Mauritius), 6, 2, pp. 70-88.

Nair, C.S., Bennett, L. 2011, 'Using Student Satisfaction Data to Start Conversations About Continuous Improvement', Quality Approaches in Higher Education, 2, 1, pp. 17-22.

Shah, M., Nair, C.S. 2011, 'Trends in the quality of the student experience: an international perspective based on studies in three universities', International Engineering and Technology Education Conference (IETEC) 2011: Enhancing 21st Century Skills for Global Engineers and Technology Professionals, one, pp. 7pp.

Shah, M., Nair, C.S. 2011, 'International higher education in Australia: Unplanned future', Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education, 15, 4, pp. 129-131.

Shah, M., Nair, C.S., Wilson, M. 2011, 'Quality assurance in Australian higher education: historical and future development', ASIA PACIFIC EDUCATION REVIEW, 12, pp. 475-483.

Snell, T.W. 2011, 'Prospectus for a Better World', Rhythms in the Chaos, pp. 37-44.

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