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Social Sciences, School of

Book Chapters

Baldassar, L.V. 2011, Obligation to People and Place: The National in Cultures of Caregiving in Intimacy and Italian Migration: Gender and Domestic Lives in a Mobile World, Fordham University Press, USA

Baldassar, L.V. 2011, Second generation incorporation and inclusion in Australia in Immigration and the Financial Crisis: The United States and Australia Compared, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, UK

Beeson, M. 2011, East Asian regionalism at times of crisis in The International Political Economy of the World Financial Crisis, VS Verlag/Springer, Wiesbaden, Germany

Broomhall, S., Van Gent, J. 2011, Introduction: 'Governing Masculinities in the Early Modern Period: Regulating Selves and Others' in Governing Masculinities in the Early Modern Period: Regulating Selves and Others, Ashgate Publishing, Farnham, UK

Brown, D.W. 2011, Molecular Machines and Lascivicious Bodies: James Clerk Maxwell's Verse-born Attacks on Tyndallic Reductionism in Minds, Bodies, Machines, 1770-1930, Palgrave Macmillan, Great Britain

Bulbeck, C.C. 2011, Electrifying the Home in Powering Perth: a history of the East Perth Power Station, Black Swan Press, Australia

Coram, A.T., Noakes, L.L. 2011, Measuring Effectiveness of Regulation Across a River System: A Welfare Approach in Infrastructure Regulation: What Works, Why and How Do We Know?, World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Dobbs, S.M. 2011, Australia and Singapore: The Development of Political Relations in Australia-Singapore Relations: Successful Bilateral Relations in a Historical and Contemporary Context, Select Publishing, Singapore

Dobbs, S.M. 2011, The Singapore River/Port in a Global Context in Singapore in Global History, Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam

Doecke, B., McLean Davies, L., Mead, P. 2011, National imaginings and classroom conversations: Past and present debates about teaching Australian literature in Teaching Australian Literature: From Classroom Conversations to National Imaginings, Wakefield Press, South Australia

Dolin, K.J. 2011, Bleak House and the Connections between Law and Literature in Teaching Law and Literature, The Modern Language Association of America, USA

Giggs, R.A. 2011, The Green Afterword: Cormac McCarthy's The Road and the Ecological Uncanny in Criticisms, Crisis, and Contemporary Narrative: Textual Horizons in an Age of Global Risk, Routledge, United States of America

Glaskin, K.A. 2011, Dreaming in Thread: From Ritual to Art and Property(s) Between in Ownership and Appropriation, Berg, Oxford and New York

Griffiths, G. 2011, "Saving Africa": Narrative persistence, missions, development, and the "freeing" of sub-Saharan Africa in Experiences of Freedom: in Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures, Routledge, USA and Canada

Hirsch, B.D. 2011, Lycanthropy in Early Modern England: The Case of John Webster's the 'Duchess of Malfi' in Diseases of the Imagination and Imaginary Disease in the Early Modern Period, Brepols Publishing, Belgium

Lynch, A.L. 2011, Genre, Bodies, and Power in Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ms Laud Misc. 108: King Horn, Havelok, and the South English Legendary in The Texts and Contexts of Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Laud Misc. 108: The Shaping of English Vernacular Narrative, Brill, Great Britain

McDonald, J.J., Veth, P.M. 2011, Information Exchange Among Hunter-Gatherers of the Western Desert of Australia in Information and Its Role in Hunter-Gatherer Bands, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press, USA

McDougall, D., Kere, J. 2011, Christianity, Custom, and Law: Conflict and Peacemaking in the Postconflict Solomon Islands in Mediating Across Difference: Oceanic and Asian Approaches to Conflict Resolution, University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu

McDougall, D. 2011, Church, company, committee, chief: emergent collectivities in rural Solomon Islands in Managing Modernity in the Western Pacific, University of Queensland Press, Queensland

McEwan, J. 2011, Attitudes towards Male Authority and Domestic Violence in Eighteenth-Century London Courts in Governing Masculinities in the Early Modern Period: Regulating Selves and Others, Ashgate Publishing, Farnham and Burlington

McEwan, J. 2011, The Lodging Exchange: Space, Authority and Knowledge in Eighteenth-Century London in Accommodating Poverty: The Housing and Living Arrangements of the English Poor, c. 1600-1850, Palgrave MacMillan, Basingstoke and New York

Mead, P. 2011, What we have to work with: Teaching Australian literature in the contemporary context in Teaching Australian Literature: From Classroom Conversations to National Imaginings, Wakefield Press, South Australia

Merla, M, Baldassar, L.V. 2011, Transnational Caregiving between Australia, Italy and El Salvador: The Impact of Institutions on the Capability to Care at a Distance in Gender and Well-Being: The Role of Institutions, Ashgate, UK

Nakamatsu, T. 2011, No Love, No Happy ending?: The Place of Romantic Love in the Marriage Business and Brokered Cross-Cultural Marriages in International Marriages in the Time of Globalization, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York

Paterson, A.G. 2011, Considering Colonialism and Capitalism in Australian Historical Archaeology: Two Case Studies of Culture Contact from the Pastoral Domain in The Archaeology of Capitalism in Colonial Contexts, Springer, New York, USA

Peaty, G. 2011, Infected with Life: Neo-supernaturalism and the Gothic Zombie in Gothic Science Fiction 1980-2010, Liverpool University Press, Liverpool

Raihani, R. 2011, Best Practices of SBM: Community participation in school in Indonesia in Education Counts! The Contribution of Indonesian Students Studying Overseas for Education in Indonesia, Yogyakarta Insight Media, Yogyakarta

Sharpe, P., McEwan, J. 2011, Introduction: Accommodating Poverty: The Housing and Living Arrangements of the English Poor, c. 1600-1850 in Accommodating Poverty: The Housing and Living Arrangements of the English Poor, c. 1600-1850, Palgrave MacMillan, Basingstoke and New York

Taylor, J. 2011, Improving Productivity through Efficiency Wages: The Case of the Civil Service in Gaming, Governance and Public Policy in Macao, Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong

Tonkinson, R. 2011, The Research Context in New Hebrides-Vanuatu in Working Together in Vanuatu: Research Histories, Collaborations, Projects and Reflections, ANU E Press, Canberra

Tonkinson, M.R. 2011, Being Mardu: Change and Challenge for Some Western Desert Young People Today in Growing Up in Central Australia: New Anthropological Studies of Aboriginal Childhood and Adolescence, Berghahn Books, USA

Tonkinson, R. 2011, Landscape, Transformations, and Immutability in an Aboriginal Australian Culture in Cultural Memories: The Geographical Point of View, Springer, Heidelberg

Van Gent, J. 2011, Side-wounds, Sex and Savages: Moravian Masculinities and Early Modern Protestant Missions in Governing Masculinities in the Early Modern Period: Regulating Selves and Others, Ashgate Publishing Limited, Great Britain

Varnava, A., Yakinthou, C. 2011, Cyprus: Political Modernity and the Structures of Democracy in a Divided Island in The Oxford Handbook of Local and Regional Democracy in Europe, Oxford University Press, New York

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Veth, P.M., Stern, N, McDonald, J.I., Balme, J., Davidson, I 2011, The Role of Information Exchange in the Colonization of Sahul in Information and Its Role in Hunter-Gatherer Bands, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press, USA

White, R.S. 2011, Survival and change: the sonnet from Milton to the Romantics in The Cambridge Companion to The Sonnet, Cambridge University Press, United Kingdom

Wortham, C.J. 2011, Meanings of the South: From the Mappaemundi to Shakespeare's Othello in European Perceptions of Terra Australis, Ashgate Publishing Limited, Surrey, England

Journal Articles

Baldassar, L.V. 2011, 'Italian Migrants in Australia and Their Relationship to Italy: Return Visits, Transnational Caregiving and the Second Generation', JOURNAL OF MEDITERRANEAN STUDIES, 20, 2, pp. 255-282.

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Cover, R. 2011, 'The Chasm & The Abyss: Queer Theory and the Socialities of Queer Youth Suicide', Interalia, 6, pp. p.1-22.

Cover, R. 2011, 'Biopolitics and the Baby Bonus: Australia's National Identity, Fertility and Global Overpopulation', CONTINUUM: JOURNAL OF MEDIA AND CULTURAL STUDIES, 25, 3, pp. p.439-451.

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Conference Publications

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Creative Works

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