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Registrar's Office

Journal Articles

Caddy, L., Crawford, F., Page, A.C. 2012, ''Painting a path to wellness': Correlations between participating in a creative activity group and improved measured mental health outcome', Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 19, 4, pp. 327–333.

Elliott, J., Sneddon, J., Lee, J.A., Blache, D. 2011, 'Producers have a positive attitude toward improving lamb survival rates but may be influenced by enterprise factors and perceptions of control', LIVESTOCK SCIENCE, 140, pp. 103-110.

Fear, V.S., Burchell, J.T., Lai, S.P., Wikstrom, M.E., Blank, F., Von Garnier, C., Turner, D.J., Sly, P., Holt, P.G., Strickland, D.H., Stumbles, P.A. 2011, 'Restricted aeroallergen access to airway mucosal dendritic cells in vivo limits allergen-specific CD4 + T cell proliferation during the induction of inhalation tolerance', Journal of Immunology, 187, 9, pp. 4561-4570.

Fernandez, R., Rammohan, A., Awofeso, A.O. 2011, 'Correlates of first dose of measles vaccination delivery and uptake in Indonesia', ASIAN PACIFIC JOURNAL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE, 4, 2, pp. 140-145.

Ho, S.F., Horneff, F., Crawford, G., Ahluwalia, H. 2011, 'Partial spontaneous cross union post-division of hughes flap', Orbit, 30, pp. 236-238.

Mangat, R., Su, J.W., Lambert, J.E., Clandinin, M.T., Wang, Y., Uwiera, R.R., Forbes, J.M., Vine, D.F., Cooper, M.E., Mamo, J.C., Proctor, S.D. 2011, 'Increased risk of cardiovascular disease in Type 1 diabetes: Arterial exposure to remnant lipoproteins leads to enhanced deposition of cholesterol and binding to glycated extracellular matrix proteoglycans', Diabetic Medicine, 28, pp. 61-72.

McAnally, J. 2011, 'Constructing and Deconstructing Carian Identity: Xanthus of Lydia, Felix Jacoby and Herodotus', MELBOURNE HISTORICAL JOURNAL, 2011, 2, pp. 39-58.

Scaffidi, A.K., Berman, J.E. 2011, 'A positive postdoctoral experience is related to quality supervision and career mentoring, collaborations, networking and a nurturing research environment', Higher Education, 62, pp. 685-698.

Conference Publications

Barrett-Lennard, S., Dunworth, K., Harris, A. 2011, 'The Good Practice Principles: Silver bullet or starter gun?', 10th Biennial AALL, Australia, 5, pp. A99-A106.

Cluett, L., Skene, J., Pegrum, M. 2011, 'Infecting professional staff with the emerging technology 'virus': how the leadership game has changed', CCA-EDUCAUSE Australasia 2011: The game has changed, https://ocs.arcs.org.au/index.php/educause/ccae2011/paper/view/155/210, 1, pp. 1-8.

Other Publications

Barrett-Lennard, S. 2011, 'Hot links to English language development resources and services: The UWA English Language Corner', 20th Annual Teaching Learning Forum, n/a, pp. online, approx 6pp.

Brockman, S., Jayawardena, B.P., Starkstein, S.E. 2011, 'The Diagnosis of depression in Alzheimer's disease: review of the current literature', Neuropsychiatry, 1, 4, pp. 377-384.

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