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  2011 Research Publications


Book Chapters

Bindl, U.K., Parker, S.K. 2011, Proactive Work Behavior: Forward-Thinking and Change-Oriented Action in Organizations in APA Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Volume 2: Selecting and Developing Members for the Organization, American Psychological Association, USA

Griffin, M.A., Clarke, S. 2011, Stress and Well-Being at Work in APA Handbook of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Volume 3: Maintaining, Expanding, and Contracting the Organization, American Psychological Association, United States

Rhodes, G., Leopold, D.A. 2011, Adaptive Norm-Based Coding of Face Identity in The Oxford Handbook of Face Perception, Oxford University Press, United Kingdom

Rhodes, G., Jaquet, E. 2011, Aftereffects Reveal That Adaptive Face-Coding Mechanisms Are Selective for Race and Sex in THE SCIENCE OF SOCIAL VISION, Oxford University Press, Inc, United States

Journal Articles

Allen, K.L., Fursland, A., Raykos, B., Steele, A., Watson, H., Byrne, S.M. 2012, 'Motivation-focused Treatment for Eating Disorders: A Sequential Trial of Enhanced Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with and without Preceding Motivation-Focused Therapy', European Eating Disorders Review, 20, 3, pp. 232–239.

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Belski, R., Mori, T.A., Puddey, I.B., Sipsas, S., Woodman, R.J., Ackland, T.R., Beilin, L.J., Dove, E.R., Carlyon, N., Jayaseena, V., Hodgson, J.M. 2011, 'Effects of lupin-enriched foods on body composition and cardiovascular disease risk factors:a 12-month randomized controlled weight loss trial', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OBESITY, 35, pp. 810-819.

Binda, P., Morrone, M.C., Ross, J., Burr, D.C. 2011, 'Underestimation of perceived number at the time of saccades', VISION RESEARCH, 51, pp. 34-42.

Bindl, U., Parker, S., Totterdell, P., Hagger-Johnson, G. 2012, 'Fuel of the self-starter: How mood relates to proactive goal regulation', JOURNAL OF APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY, 97, 1, pp. 134-150.

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