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   Medical Research, UWA Centre for

Medical Research, UWA Centre for

Book Chapters

Jiang, F-X., Morahan, G. 2011, Pancreatic Stem Cells: Unresolved Business in Stem Cells in Clinic and Research, InTech, Croatia

Kocan, M., Pfleger, K. 2011, Study of GPCR-Protein Interactions by BRET in Receptor Signal Transduction Protocols, Humana Press (Springer), New York

Journal Articles

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Boyle, T.A., Heyworth, J.S., Landrigan, J., Mina, R., Fritschi, L.E. 2012, 'The Effect of Lottery Scratch Tickets and Donation Offers on Response Fraction: A Study and Meta-Analysis', FIELD METHODS, 24, pp. 112-132.

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