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   Marine Futures, Centre for

Marine Futures, Centre for

Journal Articles

Bellchambers, L.M., Meeuwig, J.J., Evans, S.N., Legendre, P. 2011, 'Modelling habitat associations of the common spider conch in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands', MARINE ECOLOGY-PROGRESS SERIES, 432, pp. 83-90.

Bellchambers, L.M., Meeuwig, J.J., Evans, S.N., Legendre, P. 2011, 'Modelling habitat associations of 14 species of holothurians from an unfished coral atoll: implications for fisheries management', AQUATIC BIOLOGY, 14, pp. 57-66.

Gollan, J.R., Reid, C.A.M., Barnes, P.B., Wilkie, L. 2011, 'The ratio of exotic-to-native dung beetles can indicate habitat quality in riparian restoration', Insect Conservation and Diversity, 4, pp. 123-131.

Langlois, T.J., Radford, B.T., Van Niel, K.P., Meeuwig, J.J., Pearce, A.F., Rousseaux, C.S., Kendrick, G.A., Harvey, E.S. 2011, 'Consistent adundance distributions of marine fishes in an old, climatically buffered, infertile seascape', GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY, 2011, pp. 13pp.

Letessier, T.B., Pond, D.W., McGill, R.A.R., Reid, W.D.K., Brierley, A.S. 2012, 'Trophic interaction of invertebrate zooplankton on either side of the Charlie Gibbs', JOURNAL OF MARINE SYSTEMS, 94, pp. 174-184.

Mclean, D.L., Harvey, E.S., Meeuwig, J.J. 2011, 'Declines in the abundance of coral trout (Plectropomus leopardus) in areas closed to fishing at the Houtman Abrolhos Islands, Western Australia', Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 406, pp. 71.

Newman, S.J., Pember, M.B., Rome, B.M., Mitsopoulos, G.E.A., Skepper, C.L., Allsop, Q., Saunders, T., Ballagh, A.C., Van Herwerden, L., Garrett, R.N., Gribble, N.A., Stapley, J.M., Meeuwig, J.J., Moore, B.R., Welch, D.J. 2011, 'Stock structure of blue threadfin Eleutheronema tetradactylum across northern Australia as inferred from stable isotopes in sagittal otolith carbonate', FISHERIES MANAGEMENT AND ECOLOGY, 18, pp. 246-257.

Vianna, G.M., Meekan, M.G., Pannell, D.J., Marsh, S.P., Meeuwig, J.J. 2012, 'Socio-economic value and community benefits from shark-diving tourism in Palau: A sustainable use of reef shark populations', BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION, 145, pp. 267-277.

Other Publications

Newman, S.J., Skepper, C.L., Mitsopoulos, G.E.A., Wakefield, C.B., Meeuwig, J.J., Harvey, E.S. 2011, 'Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Trap Usage and Ghost Fishing on the Northern Demersal Scalefish Fishery', REVIEWS IN FISHERIES SCIENCE, 19, pp. 74-84.

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