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 Research Publications
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   Life and Physical Science Office, Faculty of

Life and Physical Science Office, Faculty of

Journal Articles

Cooper, T.F., Lai, M., Ulstrup, K.E., Saunders, S.M., Flematti, G.R., Radford, B., van Oppen, M.J.H. 2011, 'Symbiodinium Genotypic and Environmental Controls on Lipids in Reef Building Corals', PLOS ONE, 6, 5, pp. 8pp.

Lee, J.J., Fuller, R.O., Sobolev, A.N., Clausen, H.F., Overgaard, J., Koutsantonis, G.A., Iversen, B.B., Spackman, M.A. 2011, 'Temperature-dependent crystal structure of the isopropanol clathrate of Dianin's compound', CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 47, pp. 2029-2031.

Schneider, C.R., Everett, A.W., Geelhoed, E., Kendall, P.A., Murray, K., Garnett, P., Salama, M., Clifford, R.M. 2011, 'Provision of primary care to patients with chronic cough in the community pharmacy setting', Annals of Pharmacotherapy, 45, pp. 402-408.

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