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 Research Expertise and Publications
 Research Publications
  2011 Research Publications


Book Chapters

Blakeney, M.L. 2011, Proposals for International Criminal Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights, Wolters Kluwer, The Netherlands

Blakeney, M.L. 2011, Criminal Enforcement of IPRs in Nourriture de l'esprit Festschrift fur Dieter Stauder [Nourishment of the Spirit], Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Germany

Carruthers, P.J., Mascher, S.L., Skead, N.K. 2011, Property and Sustainability in Context in Property and Sustainability Selected Essays, Thomson Reuters (Professional) Australia Limited, Australia

Cullen, H. 2011, The EU and Human Trafficking: Framing a Regional Response to a Global Emergency in The European Union and Global Emergencies A Law and Policy Analysis, Hart Publishing Ltd, United Kingdom

Kaye, S. 2011, Security and Defence in Australia's Marine Domain in Marine Resources Management, Reed International Books Australia Pty Limited trading as LexisNexis, Australia

Olivier, M.P., Govindjee, A. 2011, Social Protection Lessons from SADC for the Global South in South - South Cooperation Africa on the Centre Stage, Palgrave Macmillan, England

Olivier, M.P. 2011, Political and Regulatory Dimensions of Access, Portability and Exclusion: Social Security for Migrants, with an Emphasis on Migrants in Southern Africa in Migration and Social Protection Claiming Social Rights Beyond Borders, Palgrave Macmillan, England

Skead, N.K. 2011, Unexplained Wealth: Indefeasibility and Proceeds of Crime Legislation in Australia in Property and Sustainability Selected Essays, Thomson reuters (Professional) Australia Limited, Australia

Techera, E. 2011, Ensuring the Viability of Cultural Heritage: The Role of International Heritage Law for Pacific Island States in Island Futures Conservation and Development Across the Asia-Pacific Region, Springer Tokyo, Japan

Vrdoljak, A.F. 2011, Cultural Heritage in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law, Oxford University Press Inc., New York, United States

Vrdoljak, A.F. 2011, Women and Private Military and Security Companies in War By Contract Human Rights, Humanitarian Law, and Private Contractors, Oxford University Press, United States

Witzleb, N., Skead, N.K. 2011, Mapping and Embedding Graduate Attributes Across the Curriculum in Excellence and Innovation in Legal Education, LexisNexis Butterworths, Australia

Journal Articles

Beetham, C. 2011, 'Commissioning and the Copyright Act: The Case for a Uniform Approach', INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FORUM, 84, pp. 30-50.

Blake, M. 2011, 'Doctors Liability for Homicide under the WA Criminal Code: Defining the Role of Defences', The University of Western Australia Law Review, 35, 2, pp. 287-316.

Blakeney, M. 2011, 'Recent developments in intellectual property and power in the private sector related to food and agriculture', FOOD POLICY, 36, pp. 109-113.

Blakeney, M.L. 2011, 'Protecting traditional knowledge and expressions of culture in the Pacific', Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, 1, 1, pp. 80-89.

Blakeney, M.L. 2011, 'Geographical Indications and the Marketing of Agricultural Products: Mauritius - a Case Study', INTERNATIONAL TRADE LAW AND REGULATION, 17, 2, pp. 58-69.

Blakeney, M.L., Mengistie, G. 2011, 'Intellectual Property Policy Formulation in LDCS in Sub-Saharan Africa', AFRICAN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL AND COMPARATIVE LAW, 19, pp. 66-98.

Blakeney, M.L. 2011, 'Intellectual Property Aspects of GM Agriculture (Part I)', BIO-SCIENCE LAW REVIEW, 11, 3, pp. 78-95.

Blakeney, M.L. 2011, 'Intellectual Property Aspects of GM Agriculture (Part II)', BIO-SCIENCE LAW REVIEW, 11, 4, pp. 130-137.

Blakeney, M.L. 2011, 'Intellectual Property and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa', THE JOURNAL OF WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, 12, 3/4, pp. 238-263.

Buti, A. 2011, 'The Man and the Judge: Judicial Biographies and Sir Ronald Wilson', ADELAIDE LAW REVIEW, 32, 1, pp. 47-58.

Carne, G. 2011, 'Beyond Terrorism: Enlarging the National Security Footprint Through the Telecommunications Interception and Intelligence Services Legislation Amendment Act 2011 (Cth).', Flinders Law Journal, 13, 2, pp. 177-239.

Carne, G. 2011, 'Abolitionist or relativist?: Australia's Legislative and International Responses To Its International Human Rights Death Penalty Abolition Obligations', UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN SYDNEY LAW REVIEW, 15, pp. 31-70.

Carroll, R.O., Witzleb, N. 2011, ''It's Not Just About the Money' - Enhancing the Vindicatory Effect of Private Law Remedies', MONASH UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW, 37, 1, pp. 216-240.

Carruthers, P.J., Skead, N.K. 2011, '150 years on: The Torrens compensation provisions in the 'last resort' jurisdictions', AUSTRALIAN PROPERTY LAW JOURNAL, 19, pp. 174-198.

Carruthers, P.J., Mascher, S.L. 2011, 'The Story of Water Management in Australia: Balancing Public and Private Property Rights to Achieve a Sustainable Future', Property Law Review, 1, 2, pp. 97-121.

Clarke, R. 2011, 'Return to Borkum Island: Extended Joint Criminal Enterprise Responsibility in the Wake of World War II', JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL JUSTICE, 9, 4, pp. 839-861.

Cullen, H. 2011, 'Does the ILO Have a Distinctive Role in the International Legal Protection of Child Soldiers?', Human Rights & International Legal Discourse, 5, 1, pp. 63-81.

De Vietri, R., Dharmananda, K. 2011, 'Impartiality and the Issue of Repeat Arbitrators: A Reply to Slaoui', JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION, 28, 3, pp. 187-200.

Dharmananda, J.M. 2011, 'The Commonwealth strikes back: Clarifying amendments to the Acts Interpretation Act 1901 (Cth)', AUSTRALIAN BAR REVIEW, 35, 2, pp. 116-127.

Goudkamp, J. 2011, 'Insanity as a Tort Defence', OXFORD JOURNAL OF LEGAL STUDIES, 31, 4, pp. 727-754.

Govindjee, A., Olivier, M.P., Dupper, O. 2011, 'Activation in the Context of the Unemployment Insurance System in South Africa', STELLENBOSCH LAW REVIEW, 22, 1, pp. 205-227.

Griggs, L., Freilich, A.Y., Webb, E.A. 2011, 'Challenging the notion of a consumer: Time for change', COMPETITION AND CONSUMER LAW JOURNAL, 19, 1, pp. 52-77.

Handford, P.R. 2011, 'Recovery for psychiatric illness in Canada: A tale of two cases', The Tort Law Review, 19, 1, pp. 18-28.

Harker, H., Worrall, A.J. 2011, 'From 'community corrections' to 'probation and parole' in Western Australia', PROBATION JOURNAL: THE JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE, 58, 4, pp. 364-371.

Hodgson, D.C. 2011, 'Rescue of persons and property in a comparative common law and civil law context', The Tort Law Review, 19, pp. 125-141.

Hodgson, D.C. 2011, 'The Law of Intervening Causation and Children', The Tort Law Review, 19, 3, pp. 149-160.

Hodgson, D.C. 2011, 'Continental European approaches to causation and intervening causation issues in civil proceedings', The Tort Law Review, 19, 2, pp. 94-108.

Howieson, J.A. 2011, 'ADR education: Creating engagement and increasing mental well-being through an interactive and constructive approach', AUSTRALASIAN DISPUTE RESOLUTION JOURNAL, 22, 1, pp. 58-63.

Howieson, J.A. 2011, 'ADR for a built environment interdiscipline: curriculum and practical applications', International Journal of Law in the Built Environment, 3, 1, pp. 11-23.

Howieson, J.A. 2011, 'The Professional Culture of Australian Family Lawyers: Pathways to Constructive Change', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LAW, POLICY AND THE FAMILY, 25, 1, pp. 71-99.

Howieson, J.A. 2011, 'A Constructive Inquiry approach: blending Appreciative Inquiry with traditional research and evaluation method', EVALUATION JOURNAL OF AUSTRALASIA, 11, 2, pp. 14-23.

Johnston, P.W. 2011, 'Fiscal Federalism: A Commentary on Andrew Lynch's Paper', Public Policy, 6, 1/2, pp. 33-43.

Johnston, P.W., Young, S.J., Hooker, R.L., Pontre, T.E. 2011, 'Probing the Frontiers of Administrative Law', AIAL Forum, 67, pp. 1-34.

Johnston, P.W. 2011, 'The Bellarmine Jug: A Jurisprudential Analysis of Nicholas Hasluck's Novel', The University of Western Australia Law Review, 35, pp. 385-406.

Kaye, S. 2011, 'The International Legal Framework for Piracy', Australia's Response to Piracy: A Legal Perspective, 31, pp. 35-44.

Mascher, S.L., Skead, N.K. 2011, 'On the Record: The Trials and Tribulations of Lecture Recording in Law', The University of Western Australia Law Review, 35, 2, pp. 407-431.

Mawby, R.C., Worrall, A.J. 2011, '"They were very threatening about do-gooding bastards": Probation's changing relationships with the police and prison services in England and Wales', European Journal of Probation, 3, 3, pp. 78-94.

McCutcheon, J.L. 2011, 'When sweat turns to ice: the originality threshold for compilations following IceTV and Phone Directories', AUSTRALIAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY JOURNAL, 22, pp. 87-101.

Murray, S.L. 2011, 'Constitutional Musings on Clarke and Austin', Public Policy, 6, 1/2, pp. 121-132.

Olivier, M.P. 2011, 'Informality, employment contracts and social insurance coverage: Rights-based perspectives in a developing world context', THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE LABOUR LAW AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS, 27, 4, pp. 419-433.

Olivier, M.P., Dupper, O., Govindjee, A. 2011, 'Redesigning the South African Unemployment Insurance Fund: Selected Key Policy and Legal Perspectives', STELLENBOSCH LAW REVIEW, 22, 2, pp. 396-425.

Olivier, M.P. 2011, 'Social Security Adjudication in the Light of International Standards: The Need for Reform in Southern Africa', International Journal of Social Security and Workers Compensation, 3, 1, pp. 29-54.

Olivier, M.P. 2011, 'Enhancing access to South African social security benefits by SADC citizens: The need to improve bilateral arrangements within a multilateral framework (Part I)', SADC Law Journal, 1, pp. 121-148.

Sevilla, J.A., Carruthers, P.J., Skead, N.K. 2011, 'Proteccion tabular de los datos descriptivos de las fincas en Australia: un estudio comparado con el sistema espanol [The Protection of Registered Land Title in Australia: A Comparative Study with the Spanish System]', Revista Critica de Derecho Inmobiliario, 87, 723, pp. 419-449.

Steytler, C.D., Field, I. 2011, 'The 'Institutional Integrity' Principle: Where Are We Now, and Where Are We Headed?', The University of Western Australia Law Review, 35, 2, pp. 227-264.

Tarrant, J.P. 2011, 'Obligations As Property', UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES LAW JOURNAL, 34, 2, pp. 677-695.

Techera, E. 2011, 'Safeguarding Cultural Heritage: Law and Policy in Fiji', JOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE, 12, pp. 329-334.

Techera, E., Klein, N. 2011, 'Fragmented governance: Reconciling legal strategies for shark conservation and management', MARINE POLICY, 35, pp. 73-78.

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Conference Publications

Offer, K.M. 2011, 'Legal Traps for School Psychologists and Nurses', Sustainable Education, Schools, Families and Communities - Education Law and Policy Perspectives, Australia, NA, pp. 12 pages.

Creative Works

Morgan, S, Kwaymullina, A.S., Kwaymullina, B.J., Kwaymullina, E 2011, 'Charlie Burr and the Great Shed Invasion', Charlie Burr and the Great Shed Invasion, Richmond, Victoria, pp. 154 pages.

Morgan, S, Kwaymullina, A.S., Kwaymullina, B.J., Kwaymullina, E 2011, 'Charlie Burr and the Three Stolen Dollars', Charlie Burr and the Three Stolen Dollars, Prahan, Victoria, pp. 118.

Other Publications

Blakeney, M.L. 2011, 'Patents and Plant Breeding: Implications for Food Security', Amsterdam Law Forum, 3, 3, pp. 73-88.

Blakeney, M.L. 2011, Intellectual Property (IP) Issues and International Treaties Related to Genetic Resources in Agrobiodiversity in Malaysia II: Conservation and Sustainable Utilization, Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), Kuala Lumpur

Burton, K., Crofts, T., Tarrant, S. 2011, Principles of Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia, , Thomson Reuters (Professional) Australia Limited, Australia

Buti, A. 2011, Brothers: Justice Corruption and the Mickelbergs, , Fremantle Press, Australia

Carruthers, P.J., Mascher, S.L., Skead, N.K. 2011, Property and Sustainability Selected Essays, , Thomson Reuters (Professional) Australia Limited, Australia

Clare, M.W., Clare, J.P., Spiranovic, C.A., Clare, B.E. 2011, 'An Assessment of the Children's Court of Western Australia: Part of a National Assessment of Australia's Children's Courts', September 2011, pp. 1-63.

Clare, M.W., Blundell, B.B, Clare, J.P. 2011, 'Examination of the Extent of Elder Abuse in Western Australia', April 2011, pp. 1-118.

De Villiers, B., Sindane, J. 2011, 'Cooperative Government: The Oil of the Engine', Policy Paper Issue No 6, pp. 1-44.

Francis, K., Papamatheos, A. 2011, 'Proceedings Before the Warden in Open Court to Form an Opinion on the Limits of a Warden's Authority', AUSTRALIAN RESOURCES AND ENERGY LAW JOURNAL, 30, 2, pp. 171-175.

Gillooly, M.J. 2011, 'Cohesion and Consistency in the Law - A Hedgehog's Legal System', The Supreme Court of Western Australia, Judges, Master and Registrars Conference, 23-24 September 2011,

Gillooly, M.J. 2011, 'Celebrating a Legal Diamond', Brief, 38, 2, pp. 12-16.

Griggs, L., Webb, E.A. 2011, 'Section 22 Unconscionability - A Sauropod in Need of Life Support', QUT Law and Justice Journal, 11, 1, pp. 1-17.

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Hodgson, D.C. 2011, Intervening Causation Law Common Law, Civil Law and Comparative Law Perspectives, , LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing gmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Kaye, S., Bautista, L. 2011, The Naval Protection of Shipping in the 21st Century: An Australian Perspective, , Sea Power Centre - Australia, Australia

Kaye, S. 2011, Maritime Claims in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, , Sea Power Centre - Australia, Australia

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