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   Indigenous Studies, School of

Indigenous Studies, School of

Book Chapters

Dudgeon, P, Darlaston-Jones, D, Clark, Y 2011, Changing the Lens: Indigenous Perspectives on Psychological Literarcy in The Psychologically Literate Citizen: Foundations and Global Perspectives, Oxford University Press, New York, USA

Journal Articles

Binks, R.M., Evans, J.P., Kennington, J.J., Prince, J.E. 2011, 'Spatial patterns of variation in color and spine shape in the sea urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma', INVERTEBRATE BIOLOGY, 130, 2, pp. 161–174.

Binks, R.M., Evans, J.P., Prince, J.E., Kennington, J.J. 2011, 'Fine-scale patterns of genetic divergence within and between morphologically variable subspecies of the sea urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma (Echinometridae)', BIOLOGICAL JOURNAL OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY, 103, pp. 578–592.

Chen, S., Nelson, M.N., Ch`evre, A., Jenczewski, E., Li, Z., Mason, A.S., Meng, J., Plummer, J.A., Pradhan, A., Siddique, K.H.M., Snowdon, R.J., Yan, G., Zhou, W., Cowling, W.A. 2011, 'Trigenomic bridges for Brassica improvement', CRITICAL REVIEWS IN PLANT SCIENCES, 30, pp. 524-547.

Djuuna, I.A.F., Abbott, L., Russell, C.A. 2011, 'Determination and Prediction of Some Soil Properties using Partial Least Square (PLS) Calibration and Mid-Infra Red (MIR) Spectroscopy Analysis', Jurnal Tanah Tropika, 16, 2, pp. 93-98.

Fernandez, R.C., Awofeso, N.O., Rammohan, A. 2011, 'Determinants of apparent rural-urban differentials in measles vaccination uptake in Indonesia', RURAL AND REMOTE HEALTH, 11, 1702, pp. N/A.

Flood, S.J., Mitchell, W.J., Oxnard, C.E., Turlach, B.A., McGeachie, J.K. 2011, 'A Comparison of Demirjian's Four Dental Development Methods for Forensic Age Assessment', JOURNAL OF FORENSIC SCIENCES, 56, pp. 1610-1615.

Flood, S.J., Mitchell, W.J., Oxnard, C.E., Turlach, B.A., McGeachie, J.K. 2011, 'To Evaluate the Utility of Smaller Sample Sizes when Assessing Dental Maturity Curves for Forensic Age Estimation', JOURNAL OF FORENSIC SCIENCES, 56, pp. 1604-1609.

Gow, W.R., Campbell, K., Meade, A.J., Watt, P.M., Milech, N.M., Knuckey, N.W., Meloni, B.P. 2011, 'Lack of neuroprotection of inhibitory peptides targeting Jun/JNK after transient focal cerebral ischemia in Spontaneously Hypertensive rats', Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 31, 12, pp. e1-e8.

Kwaymullina, Blaze 2011, 'Country Roads, Take Me Home: Prisons, Movement and Memory', westerly, 1, 56, pp. 73-93.

Mason, A.S., Nelson, M.N., Yan, G., Cowling, W.A. 2011, 'Production of viable male unreduced gametes in Brassica interspecific hybrids is genotype specific and stimulated by cold temperatures', BMC Plant Biology, 11, pp. 1-13.

Mason, A.S., Nelson, M.N., Castello, M.-C., Yan, G., Cowling, W.A. 2011, 'Genotypic effects on the frequency of homoeologous and homologous recombination in Brassica napus × B. carinata hybrids', Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 122, pp. 543-553.

Mason, A.S., Yan, G., Cowling, W.A., Nelson, M. 2012, 'A new method for producing allohexaploid Brassica through unreduced gametes', Euphytica, 11 October 2011, pp. 11pp.

Mcleod, S. 2011, 'Warriors and women: The Sex Ratio of Norse Migrants to Eastern England Up To 900 AD', EARLY MEDIEVAL EUROPE, 19, 3, pp. 332-353.

Punch, K.A., Ghisalberti, E.L., Piggott, M.J. 2011, 'Is 2,3,4,5-Tetramethoxybenzoyl Chloride a Natural Product?', JOURNAL OF NATURAL PRODUCTS, 74, pp. 1348–1350.

Si, D., Dowden, M., Kennedy, C., Cox, R., O'Donoghue, L., Liddle, H., Kwedza, R., Connors, C., Thompson, S., Burke, H., Brown, A., Weeramanthri, T., Shierhout, G., Bailie, R. 2011, 'Indigenous community care: Documented depression in patients with diabetes', AUSTRALIAN FAMILY PHYSICIAN, 40, 5, pp. 331-333.

Ward, S.V., Cadby, G., Lee, A., Cole, J.M., Heyworth, J.S., Millward, M.J., Wood, F.M., Palmer, L.J. 2011, 'The Western Australian Melanoma Health Study: Study design and participant characteristics', Cancer Epidemiology, 35, pp. 423-431.

Wedlock, L.E., Kilburn, M., Cliff, J.B., Filgueira, L., Saunders, M., Berners-Price, S.J. 2011, 'Visualising gold inside tumour cells following treatment with an antitumour gold(I)complex', METALLOMICS, 3, pp. 917-925.

Wedlock, L.E., Berners-Price, S.J. 2011, 'Recent Advances in Mapping the Sub-cellular Distribution of Metal-Based Anticancer Drugs', AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY, 64, pp. 692-704.

Williams, A.R. 2011, 'Immune-mediated pathology of nematode infection in sheep – is immunity beneficial to the animal?', PARASITOLOGY (CAMBRIDGE), 138, pp. 547–556.

Conference Publications

Guagliardo, P.R., Roberts, J., Vance, E.R., Weed, R., Sergeant, A.D., Howie, A.L., Wilkie, P.J., Went, M., Sullivan, J., Williams, J.F., Samarin, S., Buckman, S. 2011, 'Characterisation of metakaolin-based geopolymers using beam-based and conventional PALS', 22nd International Conference on Atomic Physics, UK, 262, pp. 4pp.

Jafari, I.M., Haque, S., Togneri, R., Nordholm, S. 2011, 'Underdetermined Blind Source Separation with Fuzzy Clustering for Arbitrarily Arranged Sensors', Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, France, 1, pp. 1753-1756.

Maisey, S, Saunders, S.M, West, N, Franklin, P.J. 2011, 'Modelling seasonal influences on reactive indoor air pollution chemistry for residential environs in the southern hemisphere', Sustaining our Future: Understanding and living with uncertainty, -, -, pp. 1788-1794.

Creative Works

Morgan, S, Kwaymullina, A.S., Kwaymullina, B.J., Kwaymullina, E 2011, 'Charlie Burr and the Three Stolen Dollars', Charlie Burr and the Three Stolen Dollars, Prahan, Victoria, pp. 118.

Morgan, S, Kwaymullina, A.S., Kwaymullina, B.J., Kwaymullina, E 2011, 'Charlie Burr and the Great Shed Invasion', Charlie Burr and the Great Shed Invasion, Richmond, Victoria, pp. 154 pages.

Dudgeon, L, Dudgeon, M, Dudgeon, P 2011, 'Milly's Secret', Yarning Strong series, Melbourne, pp. 1-60.

Other Publications

Milroy, J.D., Oxenham, D.J. 2011, 'Indigenous Dialogues - Towards Cultural Competence', 3, pp. 1-25.

Ward, S.V., Cadby, G, Fear, M.W., Wallace, H.J., Cole, JM, Heyworth, J.S., Wood, F.M., Palmer, L.J. 2011, 'Genetic factors associated with scar outcome following melanoma excision', Australasian Epidemiological Association (AEA) Annual Scientific Meeting, Australia, 18, pp. 43.

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