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   Forensic Science, Centre for

Forensic Science, Centre for

Journal Articles

Al Safar, H.S., Abidi, F.H., Khazanehdari, K.A., Dadour, I.R., Tay, G.K. 2011, 'Evaluation of different sources of DNA for use in genome wide studies and forensic application', Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 89, pp. 807-815.

Ando, A., Shigenari, A., Ota, M., Sada, M., Kawata, H., Azuma, F., Kojima-Shibata, C., Nakajoh, M., Suzuki, K., Uenishi, H., Kulski, J.K., Inoko, H. 2011, 'SLA-DRB1 and -DQB1 genotyping by the PCR-SSOP-Luminex method', Tissue Antigens, 78, pp. 49-55.

Cook, D.F., Dadour, I.R. 2011, 'Larviposition in the ovoviviparous blowfly Calliphora dubia', MEDICAL AND VETERINARY ENTOMOLOGY, 25, pp. 53-57.

Cook, D.F., Dadour, I.R., Voss, S.C. 2011, 'Management of stable fly and other nuisance flies breeding in rotting vegetable matter associated with horticultural crop production', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PEST MANAGEMENT, 57, pp. 315-320.

Dadour, I.R., Almanjahie, I.M.I., Fowkes, N.D., Keady, G., Vijayan, K. 2011, 'Temperature variations in a parked vehicle', FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL, 207, pp. 205-211.

Flood, S.J., Mitchell, W.J., Oxnard, C.E., Turlach, B.A., McGeachie, J.K. 2011, 'To Evaluate the Utility of Smaller Sample Sizes when Assessing Dental Maturity Curves for Forensic Age Estimation', JOURNAL OF FORENSIC SCIENCES, 56, pp. 1604-1609.

Flood, S.J., Mitchell, W.J., Oxnard, C.E., Turlach, B.A., McGeachie, J.K. 2011, 'A Comparison of Demirjian's Four Dental Development Methods for Forensic Age Assessment', JOURNAL OF FORENSIC SCIENCES, 56, pp. 1610-1615.

Holmgren, J.A., Fordham, J.G. 2011, 'The CSI effect and the Canadian and the Australian jury', JOURNAL OF FORENSIC SCIENCES, 56, S1, pp. S63-S71.

Jacoby-Alner, T.E., Stephens, N., Davern, K.M., Balmer, L., Brown, S.G.A., Swindells, K. 2011, 'Histopathological analysis and in situ localisation of Australian tiger snake venom in two clinically envenomed domestic animals', TOXICON, 58, pp. 304-314.

Kita, Y.F., Ando, A., Tanaka, K., Suzuki, S., Ozaki, Y., Uenishi, H., Inoko, H., Kulski, J.K., Shiina, T. 2012, 'Application of high-resolution, massively parallel pyrosequencing for estimation of haplotypes and gene expression levels of swine leukocyte antigen (SLA) class i genes', Immunogenetics, 64, 3, pp. 187-199.

Kovarovic, K., Aiello, L.C., Cardini, A., Lockwood, C 2011, 'Discriminant function analyses in archaeology: are classification rates too good to be true?', JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE, 38, 11, pp. 3006-3018.

Kroon, B., Johnson, N., Chapman, M., Yazdani, A., Hart, R. 2011, 'Fibroids in infertility - Consensus statement from ACCEPT (Australasian CREI Consensus Expert Panel on Trial evidence)', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 51, pp. 289-295.

Kulski, J.K., Shigenari, A., Inoko, H. 2011, 'Genetic variation and hitchhiking between structurally polymorphic Alu insertions and HLA-A, -B, and -C alleles and other retroelements within the MHC class I region', Tissue Antigens, 78, pp. 359-377.

Larcombe, A.N., Voss, S.C. 2011, 'Self-citation: Comparison between Radiology, European Radiology and Radiology for 1997-1998', Scientometrics, 87, 2, pp. 347-356.

May, C.D., Watling, R. 2011, 'The development of analytical and interpretational protocols to facilitate the provenance establishment of polycarbonate headlamp lens material', JOURNAL OF FORENSIC SCIENCES, 56, S1, pp. S47-S57.

Rodushkin, I., Baxter, D.C., Engström, E., Hoogewerff, J., Horn, P., Papesch, W., Watling, J., Latkoczy, C., van der Peijl, G., Berends-Montero, S., Ehleringer, J., Zdanowicz, V. 2011, 'Elemental and isotopic characterization of cane and beet sugars', Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 24, pp. 70-78.

Roger, L.M., Richardson, A.J., McKinnon, A.D., Knott, B., Matear, R., Scadding, C.J. 2012, 'Comparison of the shell structure of two tropical Thecosomata (Creseis acicula and Diacavolinia longirostris) from 1963 to 2009: potential implications of declining aragonite saturation', ICES JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE, 69, 3, pp. 465-474.

Santa Maria, P.L., Redmond, S.L., McInnes, L.M., Atlas, M., Ghassemifar, R. 2011, 'Tympanic membrane wound healing in rats assessed by transcriptome profiling', LARYNGOSCOPE, 121, 10, pp. 2199-2213.

Viscosi, V, Cardini, A. 2011, 'Leaf Morphology, Taxonomy and Geometric Morphometrics: A Simplified Protocol for Beginners', PLOS ONE, 6, 10, pp. 1 - 20.

Voss, S.C., Cook, D.F., Dadour, I.R. 2011, 'Decomposition and insect succession of clothed and unclothed carcasses in Western Australia', FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL, 211, pp. 67-75.

Other Publications

Alvi, F.M., Chaudhri, M.A., Watling, J., Hasnain, S. 2011, 'Blood selenium status in normal Punjabi population of Pakistan', Biological Trace Element Research, 143, pp. 163-166.

Dennison, J, Oxnard, C.E., Obendorf, P 2011, 'Endemic Cretinism', N/A, pp. 215.

Hart, R. 2011, 'Current themes in reproductive medicine', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 51, pp. 385.

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