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   Crime Research Centre

Crime Research Centre

Book Chapters

Indermaur, D.W., Roberts, L.D. 2011, Punitiveness in Australia: Current Status, Trends and Strategic Responses in Punitivity International Developments, Universitatsverlag Dr N Brockmeye, Germany

Journal Articles

Halse, A, Grant, J, Thornton, J, Indermaur, D.W., Stevens, G, Chamarette, C 2012, 'Intrafamilial Adolescent Sex Offenders' Response to Psychological Treatment', Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, 19, 2, pp. 221-235.

Roberts, L.D., Spiranovic, C.A., Indermaur, D.W. 2011, 'A country not divided: A comparison of public punitiveness and confidence in sentencing across Australia', AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND JOURNAL OF CRIMINOLOGY, 44, 3, pp. 370-386.

Spiranovic, C.A., Roberts, L.D., Indermaur, D.W. 2012, 'What Predicts Punitiveness? An Examination of Predictors of Punitive Attitudes towards Offenders in Australia', Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, 19, 2, pp. 249-261.

Spiranovic, C.A., Roberts, L.D., Indermaur, D.W., Warner, K., Gelb, K., MacKenzie, G. 2011, 'Public preferences for sentencing purposes: What difference does offender age, criminal history and offence type make?', CRIMINOLOGY AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE, 26 December 2011, pp. 1-18.

Conference Publications

Indermaur, D.W. 2011, 'Public Attitudes to Punishment and the Democratisation of Sentencing Policy', Crime, Justice and Social Democracy: An International Conference, Brisbane, Queensland, 2011, pp. 191-210.

Tubex, H. 2011, 'Explaining Prison Populations: A Review of International Evidence', Crime, Justice and Social Democracy: An International Conference, Queensland, 2011, pp. 228-247.

Other Publications

Clare, M.W., Clare, J.P., Spiranovic, C.A., Clare, B.E. 2011, 'An Assessment of the Children's Court of Western Australia: Part of a National Assessment of Australia's Children's Courts', September 2011, pp. 1-63.

Indermaur, D.W. 2011, '"Tough on crime" a waste of time - let's be effective instead', The Conversation, 31 March 2011, 31 March 2011, pp. 1-4.

Tubex, H., Indermaur, D.W. 2011, 'Prison rates down, but not enough', The Conversation, 18 July 2011, 18 July 2011, pp. 1-3.

Tubex, H. 2011, 'Evidence based practice in corrections: Lessons to learn from down under?', FATIK - Journal of Criminal Policy and Prison, 131, July-August-September 2011, pp. 18-23.

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