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   Ophthalmology and Visual Science, Centre for (COVS)

Ophthalmology and Visual Science, Centre for (COVS)

Journal Articles

Ahmado, A, Carr, AJ, Vugler, AA, Semo, M, Gias, C, Lawrence, JM, Chen, LL, Chen, FK, Turowski, P, da Cruz, L, Coffey, PJ 2011, 'Induction of Differentiation by Pyruvate and DMEM in the Human Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cell Line ARPE-19', INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE, 52, 10, pp. 148-59.

Ali, M, Hocking, PM, McKibbin, M, Finnegan, S, Shires, M, Poulter, JA, Prescott, K, Booth, A, Raashid, Y, Jafri, H, Ruddle, JB, Mackey, D.A., Jacobsen, SG, Toomes, C, Lester, DH, Burt, DW, Curry, WJ, Inglehearn, CF 2011, 'Mpdz Null Allele in an Avian Model of Retinal Degeneration and Mutations in Human Leber Congenital Amaurosis and Retinitis Pigmentosa', INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE, 52, 10, pp. 7432-7440.

Ali Rahman, I.S., Li, CR, Lai, C., Rakoczy, E.E. 2011, 'In vivo monitoring of VEGF-induced retinal damage in the Kimba mouse model of retinal neovascularization', CURRENT EYE RESEARCH, 36, pp. 654-662.

Balaratnasingam, C., Cringle, S.J., Fatehee, N., Morgan, W.H., Yu, D. 2011, 'Comparison of fluctuating and sustained neural pressure perturbations on axonal transport processes in the optic nerve', BRAIN RESEARCH, 1417, pp. 67-76.

Balaratnasingam, C., Morgan, W.H., Bass, L., Kang, M., Cringle, S.J., Yu, D. 2011, 'Axotomy-induced cytoskeleton changes in unmyelinated mammalian central nervous system axons', Neuroscience, 177, pp. 269-282.

Barry, CJ, Morgan, W.H. 2011, 'Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer Imaging: an update', JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMIC PHOTOGRAPHY, 33, 1, pp. 40-44.

Burdon, KP, Macgregor, S, Hewitt, AW, Sharma, S, Chidlow, G, Mills, RA, Danoy, P, Casson, R, Viswanathan, AC, Liu, J.Z., Landers, J, Henders, AK, Wood, J., Souzeau, E, Crawford, A, Leo, P, Wang, JJ, Rochtchina, E, Nyholt, DR, Martin, NG, Montgomery, GW, Mitchell, P, Brown, MA, Mackey, D.A., Craig, JE 2011, 'Genome-wide association study identifies susceptibility loci for open angle glaucoma at TMCO1 and CDKN2B-AS1', NATURE GENETICS, 43, 6, pp. 574-578.

Chen, FK, Patel, PJ, Xing, W, Crossland, MD, Bunc, C, Rubin, GS, Da Cruz, L 2011, 'Intrasession repeatability of fixation stability assessment with the Nidek MP-1', OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCE, 88, 6, pp. 742-50.

Chen, FK, Patel, PJ, Webster, AR, Coffey, PJ, Tufail, A, Da Cruz, L 2011, 'Nidek MP1 is able to detect subtle decline in function in inherited and age-related atrophic macular disease with stable visual acuity', Retina, 31, 2, pp. 371-379.

Chinnery, H.R., McLenachan, S., Humphries, T., Kezic, J.M., Chen, X., Ruitenberg, M.J., McMenamin, P.G. 2012, 'Accumulation of murine subretinal macrophages: effects of age, pigmentation and CX3CR1', Neurobiology of Aging, Epub 2011 May 12, pp. 1-8.

Chinnery, H.R., McLenachan, S., Binz, N., Sun, Y., Forrester, J.V., Degli-Esposti, M.A., Pearlman, E., McMenamin, P.G. 2012, 'TLR9 ligand CpG-ODN applied to the injured mouse cornea elicits retinal inflammation', American Journal of Pathology, 180, 1, pp. 209-220.

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Crewe, JM, Morlet, N, Morgan, W.H., Spilsbury, K, Mukhtar, A, Clark, A, Ng, JQ, Crowley, M, Semmens, JB 2011, 'Assessing the diagnostic validity of a blind register', CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL OPHTHALMOLOGY, 39, 6, pp. 494-500.

Dai, Y., Sun, X., Yu, X., Guo, W., Yu, D. 2012, 'Astrocytic responses in the lateral geniculate nucleus of monkeys with experimental glaucoma', VETERINARY OPHTHALMOLOGY, 15, pp. 23-30.

Fatehee, N., Yu, P.K., Morgan, W.H., Cringle, S.J., Yu, D. 2011, 'The impact of acutely elevated intraocular pressure on the porcine optic nerve head', Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 52, pp. 6192-6198.

Fear, V.S., Burchell, J.T., Lai, S.P., Wikstrom, M.E., Blank, F., Von Garnier, C., Turner, D.J., Sly, P., Holt, P.G., Strickland, D.H., Stumbles, P.A. 2011, 'Restricted aeroallergen access to airway mucosal dendritic cells in vivo limits allergen-specific CD4 + T cell proliferation during the induction of inhalation tolerance', Journal of Immunology, 187, 9, pp. 4561-4570.

Forward, H., Hewitt, AW, Mackey, D.A. 2012, 'Missing X and Y: a review of participant ages in population-based eye studies', CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL OPHTHALMOLOGY, 40, pp. 305–319.

Gillies, M.C., McAllister, I.L., Zhu, M., Wong, W., Louis, D., Arnold, J.J., Wong, T.Y. 2011, 'Intravitreal triamcinolone prior to laser treatment of diabetic macular edema: 24-month results of a randomized controlled trial', Ophthalmology, 118, pp. 866-872.

Guo, W, Zhu, Y, Yu, PK, Yu, X, Sun, X, Cringle, S.J., Su, E., Yu, D. 2012, 'Quantitative study of the topographic distribution of conjunctival lymphatic vessels in the monkey', EXPERIMENTAL EYE RESEARCH, 94, pp. 90-97.

Kinnick, TR, Mullins, RG, Dev, S, Leys, M, Mackey, D.A., Kay, CN, Lam, BL, Fishman, GA, Traboulsi, E, Iezzi, R, Stone, EM 2011, 'Autosomal Recessive Vitelliform Macular Dystrophy In a Large Cohort Of Vitelliform Macular Dystrophy Patients', RETINA-THE JOURNAL OF RETINAL AND VITREOUS DISEASES, 31, 3, pp. 581-595.

Lai, C., Estcourt, MJ, Himbeck, RP, Lee, SY, Yew-an Yeo, I, Luu, C, Loh, BK, Lee, MW, Barathi, A, Villano, J, Ang, CL, van der Most, RG, Constable, I.J., Dismuke, D, Samulski, RJ, Degli-Esposti, M.A., Rakoczy, E.E. 2011, 'Preclinical safety evaluation of subretinal AAV2.sFlt-1 in non-human primates', GENE THERAPY, epub 10th Nov 2011, pp. 1-11.

Larsson, M, Duffy, DL, Zhu, G, Liu, JZ, Macgregor, S, McRae, AF, Wright, MJ, Sturm, RA, Mackey, D.A., Montgomery, GW, Martin, NG, Medland, SE 2011, 'GWAS Findings for Human Iris Patterns: Associations with Variants in Genes that Influence Normal Neuronal Pattern Development', AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS, 89, pp. 334-343.

Mackey, D.A., Hewitt, AW, Ruddle, JB, Vote, B, Buttery, RG, Toomes, C, Metlapally, R, Li, YJ, Tran-Viet, KN, Malecaze, F, Calvas, P, Rosenberg, T, Guggenheim, JA, Young, TL 2011, 'Pediatric cataract, myopic astigmatism, familial exudative vitreoretinopathy and primary open-angle glaucoma co-segregating in a family', MOLECULAR VISION, 17, pp. 2118-2128.

Mackey, D.A., Sherwin, JC, Kearns, LS, Ma, Y, Kelly, J, Chu, B-S, MacMillan, R, Barbour, JM, Wilkinson, CH, Matovinovic, E, Cox, HC, Bellis, C, Lea, RA, Quinlan, S, Griffiths, LR, Hewitt, AW 2011, 'The Norfolk Island Study (NIES): Rationale, Methodology and Distribution of Ocular Biometry (Biometry of the Bounty)', TWIN RESEARCH AND HUMAN GENETICS, 14, 1, pp. 42-52.

Miller, J., Yu, X.-B., Yu, P.K., Cringle, S.J., Yu, D. 2011, 'Development of a fiber-optic laser delivery system capable of delivering 213 and 266 nm pulsed Nd:YAG laser radiation for tissue ablation in a fluid environment', Applied Optics, 50, pp. 876-885.

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Patel, PJ, Chen, FK, Da Cruz, L, Rubin, GS, Tufail, A 2011, 'Test-retest variability of reading performance metrics using MNREAD in patients with age-related macular degeneration', INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE, 52, 6, pp. 3854-9.

Patel, PJ, Chen, FK, Da Cruz, L, Rubin, GS, Tufail, A 2011, 'Contrast sensitivity outcomes in the ABC Trial: a randomized trial of bevacizumab for neovascular age-related macular degeneration', INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE, 52, 6, pp. 3089-93.

Patel, PJ, Chen, F.K., Ikeji, F, Tufail, A 2011, 'Intersession repeatability of optical coherence tomography measures of retinal thickness in early age-related macular degeneration', ACTA OPHTHALMOLOGICA SCANDINAVICA, 89, pp. 229-234.

Pratap, DS, Lim, LL, Wang, JJ, Mackey, D.A., Kearns, LS, Stawell, RJ, Burdon, KP, Mitchell, P, Craig, JE, Hall, AJ, Hewitt, AW 2011, 'The role of toll-like receptor variants in acute anterior uveitis', MOLECULAR VISION, 17, pp. 2970-2977.

Rahman, W, Chen, FK, Yeoh, J, Patel, P, Tufail, A, Da Cruz, L 2011, 'Repeatability of manual subfoveal choroidal thickness measurements in healthy subjects using the technique of enhanced depth imaging optical coherence tomography', INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE, 52, 5, pp. 2267-71.

Rance, G, Kearns, LS, Tan, J, Gravina, A, Rosenfeld, L, Henley, L, Carew, P, Graydon, K, O'Hare, F, Mackey, D.A. 2012, 'Auditory function in individuals within Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy pedigrees', JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY, 259, pp. 542-550.

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Other Publications

Chen, FK, Acheson, JF, Franks, WA, Da Cruz, L 2011, 'Microperimetry evidence of functional improvement after vitrectomy for optic disc pit-related intraretinal fluid without serous detachment', Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology, 39, 7, pp. 707-710.

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Chen, FK, Rahman, W, Yeoh, J, Da Cruz, L 2011, 'Variability in subfoveal choroidal thickness measurements. Author Response', INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE, 52, 10, pp. 7221.

Clark, A, Morgan, W.H., Kain, S, Farah, H, Armstrong, K, Preen, D., Semmens, J. B., Yu, D. 2011, 'Diabetic retinopathy in Australian Aboriginal people: response', CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL OPHTHALMOLOGY, 39, 2, pp. 185-186.

Feng, X.F., Constable, I.J., McAllister, I.L., Isaacs, T. 2011, 'Comparison of visual acuity outcomes between ranibizumab and bevacizumab treatment in neovascular age-related macular degeneration', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY, 4, 1, pp. 85-88.

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Mackey, D.A., Sanfilippo, P, Godfrey, AJ, Zambotti, E 2011, 'Fail-to-attend rates in a private ophthalmology clinic by age group', CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL OPHTHALMOLOGY, Epub 30 June 2011, pp. 1-6.

Ting, DSW, Morlet, N., Clark, A, Ng, J., Yuen, J, Preen, D.B. 2011, 'Differences in diabetic retinopathy management by primary eye care providers in Australia', CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL OPHTHALMOLOGY, 39, pp. 585-586.

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