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  2011 Research Publications
   Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology

Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology

Book Chapters

Blache, D.P., Terlouw, C, Maloney, S.K. 2011, Animal Welfare 2nd Edition; Chapter 10; Physiology in Animal Welfare, CAB International, United Kingdom

Catts, O., Zurr, I. 2011, En Què Consisteix La Biomatèria? La Vida Com a Matèria primera [Life as a Raw Material: How to Consider Bio-Matter?] in Matèria - Noves Fronteres De La Ciència, L'art I El Pensament [Materials – New Frontiers in Art and Thinking], Ara Llibres [Now Books], Barcelona

Robertson, D., Mulders, W.H. 2011, Central Effects of Efferent Activation in Auditory and Vestibular Efferents, Springer, USA

Journal Articles

Ali Rahman, I.S., Li, CR, Lai, C., Rakoczy, E.E. 2011, 'In vivo monitoring of VEGF-induced retinal damage in the Kimba mouse model of retinal neovascularization', CURRENT EYE RESEARCH, 36, pp. 654-662.

Arulpragasam, A., Magno, A.L., Ingley, E., Brown, S.J., Conigrave, A.D., Ratajczak, T., Ward, B.K. 2012, 'The adaptor protein 14-3-3 binds to the calcium-sensing receptor and attenuates receptor-mediated Rho kinase signalling', BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL, 441, pp. 995-1006.

Aye, I.L., Waddell, B.J., Mark, P.J., Keelan, J.A. 2011, 'Oxysterols inhibit differentiation and fusion of term primary trophoblasts by activating liver X receptors', PLACENTA, 32, pp. 183-191.

Baynam, G.S., Claes, P., Craig, J.M., Goldblatt, J., Kung, S.L., Le Souef, P.N., Walters, M. 2011, 'Intersections of epigenetics, twinning and developmental asymmetries: insights into monogenic and complex diseases and a role for 3D facial analysis', TWIN RESEARCH AND HUMAN GENETICS, 14, 4, pp. 305-315.

Blomster, L.V., Vukovic, J, Hendrickx, D, Jung, S, Harvey, A.R., Filgueira, L., Ruitenberg, MJ 2011, 'CX3CR1 deficiency exacerbates neuronal loss and impairs early regenerative responses in the target-ablated olfactory epithelium', MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR NEUROSCIENCE, 48, pp. 236-245.

Bull, RA, Luciani, F, McElroy, K, Gaudieri, S., Pham, ST, Chopra, A, Cameron, B, Maher, L, Dore, G, White, P, Lloyd, A 2011, 'Sequential bottlenecks drive viral evolution in Early acute hepatitis C Virus Infection', PLOS PATHOGENS, 7, 9, pp. 14 pages.

Burns, B.L., Dooley, H.M., Judge, D.S. 2011, 'Social dynamics modify behavioural development in captive white-cheeked (Nomascus leucogenys) and silvery (Hylobates moloch) gibbons', PRIMATES, 52, 3, pp. 271-277.

Butler, D.J., Burbank, V.K., Chisholm, J.S. 2011, 'The frames behind the games: Player's perceptions of prisoners dilemma, chicken, dictator, and ultimatum games', JOURNAL OF SOCIO-ECONOMICS, 40, pp. 103-114.

Chai, R., Vukovic, J, Dunlop, S.A., Grounds, M.D., Shavlakadze, T. 2011, 'Striking Denervation of Neuromuscular Junctions without Lumbar Motoneuron Loss in Geriatric Mouse Muscle', PLOS ONE, 6, 12, pp. 11 pages.

Chan, E, Cadosch, D., Gautschi, OP, Sprengel, K, Filgueira, L. 2011, 'Influence of metal ions on human lymphocytes and the generation of titanium-specific T-lymphocytes', JOURNAL OF APPLIED BIOMATERIALS & BIOMECHANICS, 9, 2, pp. 137-143.

Claire Langdon, P., Mulcahy, K., Shepherd, K.L., Low, V.H., Mastaglia, F.L. 2011, 'Pharyngeal Dysphagia in Inflammatory Muscle Diseases Resulting from Impaired Suprahyoid Musculature', Dysphagia, N/A, pp. N/A.

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Cook, N., Viola, H., Sharov, V., Hool, L., Schoeneich, C., Davies, M. 2012, 'Myeloperoxidase-derived Oxidants Inhibit SERCA Activity and Perturb Ca2+ Homeostasis in Human Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells', FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE, 51, pp. 951-961.

Dev, S., Prabhakaran, P., Filgueira, L., Swaminatha Iyer, K.L., Raston, C.L. 2012, 'Microfluidic fabrication of cationic curcumin nanoparticles as an anti-cancer agent', Nanoscale, 4, pp. 2575-2579.

Dogar, F, Kruger, E., Dyson, K., Tennant, M. 2011, 'Oral health of pre-school children in rural and remote Western Australia', RURAL AND REMOTE HEALTH, 11, 13 December 2011, pp. 7 pages.

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Flood, S.J., Mitchell, W.J., Oxnard, C.E., Turlach, B.A., McGeachie, J.K. 2011, 'To Evaluate the Utility of Smaller Sample Sizes when Assessing Dental Maturity Curves for Forensic Age Estimation', JOURNAL OF FORENSIC SCIENCES, 56, pp. 1604-1609.

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