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   Agricultural and Resource Economics

Agricultural and Resource Economics

Book Chapters

Bateman, I.J. 2011, Valid value estimates and value estimate validation: better methods and better testing for stated preference research in The International Handbook on Non-Market Environmental Valuation, Edward Elgar, United Kingdom

Llewellyn, R.S. 2011, Identifying and targeting adoption drivers in Changing Land Management, CSIRO Publishing, Australia

MacDonald, D.H., Tapsuwan, S., Albou, S, Rimbaud, A 2011, Challenges of Estimating the Value of Tourism and Recreation in the Murray-Darling Basin in Water Policy, Tourism, and Recreation, RFF Press, Oxon

Pannell, D.J., Vanclay, F.M. 2011, Changing land management: multiple perspectives on a multifaceted issue in Changing Land Management, CSIRO Publishing, Australia

Pannell, D.J. 2011, Policy perspectives on changing land management in Changing Land Management, CSIRO Publishing, Australia

Journal Articles

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Conference Publications

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Other Publications

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