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   Anatomy and Human Biology

Anatomy and Human Biology

Books and Chapters

Catts, O. and Zurr, I. The Semi-Living, Findings on Elasticity, ed Hester Aardse & Astrid van Baalen, Netherlands, Lars Muller, 2:1, pp 40-47 (2010)

McMahon, C.D., Shavlakadze, T. and Grounds, M.D. The Role of IGF - 1 in Age-Related Loss of Skeletal Muscle Mass and Function, Sarcopenia - Age-Related Muscle Wasting and Weakness - Mechanisms and Treatments, ed Gordon S Lynch, USA, Springer, pp 393-418 (2010)

Journal Articles

Aye, I.L.M.H., Waddell, B.J., Mark, P.J. and Keelan, J.A. Placental ABCA1 and ABCG1 transporters efflux cholesterol and protect trophoblasts from oxysterol induced toxicity, BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR AND CELL BIOLOGY OF LIPIDS, 1801: pp 1013-1024 (2010)

Cadosch, D., Sutanto, M., Chan, E., Mhawi, A., Von katterfeld, B.A., Simmen, H.P. and Filgueira, L. Titanium Uptake, Induction of RANK-L Expression and Enhanced Proliferation of Human T-Lymphocytes, Journal of Orthopaedic Research: a journal for musculoskeletal investigations, 28: pp 341-347 (2010)

Cadosch, D., Schlett, C.L., Gautschi, O.P., Frei, H.C. and Filgueira, L. Metal Ions: Important Co-Players in Aseptic Loosening, ZEITSCHRIFT FUR ORTHOPADIE UND UNFALLCHIRURGIE, 148: pp 393-397 (2010)

Cadosch, D., Al-Mushaiqri, M.S., Gautschi, O., Chan, E., Jung, F.J., Skirving, A.P. and Filgueira, L. Immune response deviation and enhanced expression of chemokine receptor CCR4 in TBI patients due to unknown serum factors, Injury: international journal fo the care of the injured, 41: pp e4-e9 (2010)

Cadosch, D., Toffoli, A.M., Gautschi, O., Frey, S.P., Zellweger, R., Skirving, A. and Filgueira, L. Serum after traumatic brain injury increases proliferation and supports expression of osteoblast markers in muscle cells, Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery: American, 92: pp 645-653 (2010)

Cadosch, D., Gautschi, O., Chan, E., Simmen, H.P. and Filgueira, L. Titanium induced production of chemokines CCL17/TARC and CCL22/MDC in human osteoclasts and osteoblasts, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A., 92A: pp 475-483 (2010)

Cadosch, D., Al-Mushaiqri, M.S., Gautschi, O., Meagher, J., Simmen, H-P. and Filgueira, L. Biocorrosion and uptake of titanium by human osteoclasts, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, 95A:4, pp 1004-1010 (2010)

Cadosch, D., Thyer, M., Gautschi, O., Lochnit, G., Frey, S.P., Zellweger, R., Filgueira, L. and Skirving, A.P. Functional and proteomic analysis of serum and cerebrospinal fluid derived from patients with traumatic brain injury: a pilot study, ANZ Journal of Surgery, 80: pp 542-547 (2010)

Catts, O. and Zurr, I. The Illusions of control Radical Engineers and Reactionary Artists, Thresholds (Cambridge), NA: pp 26-31 (2010)

Chan, E. and Filgueira, L. Effect of vanadium on human dendritic cells, Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry, 92:2, pp 359-375 (2010)

Cherepanoff, S., McMenamin, P., Gillies, M.C., Kettle, E. and Sarks, S.H. Bruch's membrane and choroidal macrophages in early and advanced age-related macular degeneration, BRITISH JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY, 94: pp 918-925 (2010)

Coall, D.A. and Chisholm, J.S. Reproductive development and parental investment during pregnancy: Moderating influence of mother's early environment, American Journal of Human Biology, 22:2, pp 143-153 (2010)

Coxson, H.O., Eastwood, P.R., Williamson, J.P. and Sin, D.D. Phenotyping airway disease with optical coherence tomography, Respirology, 16: pp 34-43 (2010)

Cucca, Y.Y., McLay, S.V.B., Okamoto, T., Ecker, J. and McMenamin, P.G. The biceps brachii muscle and its distal insertion: observations of surgical and evolutionary relevance, SURGICAL AND RADIOLOGIC ANATOMY, 32: pp 371-375 (2010)

Dallimore, E.J., Park, K., Pollett, M.A., Taylor, J.S.H. and Harvey, A.R. The life, death and regenerative ability of immature and mature rat retinal ganglion cells are influenced by their birthdate, Experimental Neurology, 225: pp 353-365 (2010)

Eastwood, P.R., Malhotra, A., Palmer, L.J., Kezirian, E.J., Horner, R.L., Ip, M.S., Thurnheer, R., Antic, N.A. and Hillman, D.R. Obstructive Sleep Apnoea: From pathogenesis to treatment: Current controversies and future directions, RESPIROLOGY, 15: pp 587-595 (2010)

Eastwood, P.R. Lung volume and pharyngeal stability in sleeping humans: the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone, Journal of Applied Physiology, 109: pp 949-950 (2010)

Eastwood, P.R., Maher, T.M., Wells, A.U. and Lam, B. Year in review 2009: Interstitial lung diseases, acute injury, sleep, physiology, imaging and bronchoscopic intervention, Respirology, 15: pp 172-181 (2010)

Fitzgerald, M., Bartlett, C.A., Harvey, A.R. and Dunlop, S.A. Early events of Secondary Degeneration after Partial Optic Nerve Transection: An Immunohistochemical Study, Journal of Neurotrauma, 27: pp 439 - 452 (2010)

Fitzgerald, M., Bartlett, C.A., Payne, S.C., Hart, N.S., Rodger, J., Harvey, A.R. and Dunlop, S.A. Near Infrared Light Reduces Oxidative Stress and Preserves function in CNS Tissue Vulnerable to Secondary Degeneration following Partial Transection of the Optic Nerve, Journal of Neurotrauma, 27: pp 2107-2119 (2010)

Forrester, J.V., Xu, H.P., Kuffova, L., Dick, A.D. and McMenamin, P.G. Dendritic cell physiology and function in the eye, IMMUNOLOGICAL REVIEWS, 234: pp 282-304 (2010)

Franklin, D., Cardini, A. and Oxnard, C.E. A Geometric Morphometric Approach to the quantification of Population Variation in Sub-Saharan African Crania, American Journal of Human Biology, 22: pp 23-35 (2010)

Friend, J., Francis, S., McCulloch, J., Ecker, J., Breidahl, W. and McMenamin, P. Teres minor innervation in the context of isolated muscle atrophy, SURGICAL AND RADIOLOGIC ANATOMY, 32: pp 243-249 (2010)

Gautschi, O., Stienen, M.N., Hermann, C., Cadosch, D., Fournier, J.Y. and Hildebrandt, G. Web-based audiovisual patient information system-a study of preoperative patient information in a neurosurgical department, ACTA NEUROCHIRURGICA, 152: pp 1337-1341 (2010)

Gautschi, O., Schlett, C.L., Fournier, J.Y. and Cadosch, D. Laboratory confirmed polymethyl-methacrylate (Palacos (R))-hypersensitivity after cranioplasty, CLINICAL NEUROLOGY AND NEUROSURGERY, 112: pp 915-916 (2010)

Goswami, A., Milne, N. and Wroe, S. Biting through constraints: cranial morphology, disparity and convergence across living and fossil carnivorous mammals, Royal Society of London, Proceedings B. Biological Sciences, pp 1-9 (2010)

Hammond, E., Lucas, A., Lucas, M., Phillips, E. and Gaudieri, S. Vaniprevir - HCV NS3/4A Protease Inhibitor, Treatment of Hepatitis C, Drugs of the Future, 35:10, pp 803-813 (2010)

Hill, K., Cecins, N.M., Eastwood, P.R. and Jenkins, S.C. Inspiratory Muscle Training for Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Practical Guide for Clinicians, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 91: pp 1466-1470 (2010)

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Jones, M.L., Mark, P.J., Lewis, J.L., Mori, T.A., Keelan, J.A. and Waddell, B.J. Antioxidant Defenses in the Rat Placenta in Late Gestation: Increased Labyrinthine Expression of Superoxide Dismutases, Glutathione Peroxidase 3, and Uncoupling Protein 2, BIOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION, 83: pp 254-260 (2010)

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Noble, P.B., West, A.R., McLaughlin, R.A., Armstrong, J.J., Becker, S., McFawn, P.K., Williamson, J.P., Eastwood, P.R., Hillman, D.R., Sampson, D.D. and Mitchell, H.W. Airway narrowing assessed by anatomical optical coherence tomography in vitro: dynamic airway wall morphology and function, Journal of Applied Physiology, 108: pp 401-411 (2010)

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Shavlakadze, T., Chai, J., Maley, K.M., Cozens, G.S., Grounds, G.H., Winn, N., Rosenthal, N. and Grounds, M.D. A growth stimulus is needed for IGF-1 to induce skeletal muscle hypertrophy in vivo, Journal of Cell Science, 123: pp 960-971 (2010)

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Conference Publications

Filgueira, L., Chan, E. and Cadosch, D. Cellular bio-corrosion of metal implants and effects of metal ions on bone cells and immune cells, Proceedings of the Third International Conference on the Development of Biomedical Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Springer, 27: pp 174-177 (2010)

Gargiulo, C., Thao, H.D., Tuan, H.M., Thuy, T.T.T., Van, P.H., Filgueira, L. and Toai, T.C. In vitro culture and differentiation of osteoblasts on coral scaffold from human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem cells, Proceedings of the Third International Conference on the Development of Biomedical Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Springer, 27: pp 210-214 (2010)


Catts, O. and Zurr, I. Odd Neolifism, 21st Century - Art in the First decade, pp 15 metres x 2 metres high, multiple specimens/objects, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (2010)

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