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   Agricultural and Resource Economics

Agricultural and Resource Economics

Books and Chapters

Alberini, A., Loomes, G., Scasny, M. and Bateman, I.J. Valuation of Environment-Related Health Risks for Children, Paris, OECD Publishing (2010)

Badillo, P.Y., Bourgeois, D., Lesourd, J.B. and Schilizzi, S. Experimental economics: a new approach to information and communication processes: the media and information quality, Objectivising the Human Being? (Volume 2) - Communication and experimentation, ed Didier Courbet, Paris, France, Lavoisier, pp 205-236 (2010)

Barron, O., Turner, J., Barr, A., Smales, T., Pridham, M., Burton, M.P. and Pluske, J.M. Integrating science within the West Australian Rural Towns Liquid Assets project, Integrated Mission-Directed Research: Experiences from Environmental and Natural Resource Management, ed Wendy Proctor, Lorrae Van Kerkhoff, Steve Hatfield Dodds, Australia, CSIRO Publishing, pp 145-163 (2010)

Bateman, I. and Georgiou, S. The Socioeconomic Consequences of Climate Change for the Management of Water Resources, The Impact of Climate Change on European Lakes, ed Glen George, UK, Springer, pp 437-452 (2010)

Beharry-Borg, N. and Scarpa, R. Researcher-selected versus respondent-selected attributes: improved coastal water quality in Tobago, Choice Experiments in Developing Countries: Implementation, Challenges and Policy Implications, ed Jeff Bennet and Ekin Birol, United Kingdom, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, pp 67-86 (2010)

Dupraz, P., Latacz-Lohmann, U. and van den Brink, A. Nature preservation and production, EU Policy for Agriculture, Food and Rural Areas, ed Arie Oskam, Gerrit Meester and Huib Silvis, The Netherlands, Wageningen Academic Publishers, pp 351-362 (2010)

Fisher, B., Bateman, I. and Turner, R.K. Valuing ecosystem services: Benefits, values, space and time, Valuation of Regulating Services of Ecosystems: Methodology and Applications, ed Pushpam Kumar and Michael D. Wood, Oxon, Routledge, pp 13-23 (2010)

Llewellyn, R.S. and D'Emden, F.H. Successful Adoption Down Under, Landscapes Transformed: The History of Conservation Tillage and Direct Seeding, ed C. Wayne Lindwall and Bernie Sonntag, Canada, Knowledge Impact in Society, pp 163-171 (2010)

Majumdar, I., Polyakov, M., Teeter, L. and Butler, B.J. A NESTED LOGIT APPROACH TO MODELING FOREST LAND USE CHANGE, Global Change and Forestry: Economic and Policy Impacts and Responses, ed Jianbang Gan, Stephen Grado, Ian A. Munn, USA, Nova Publishers, pp 47-62 (2010)

Polyakov, M. and Zhang, D. LAND USE DYNAMICS ALONG URBAN-RURAL GRADIENT: A COMPARISON OF MODELING APPROACHES, Global Change and Forestry: Economic and Policy Impacts and Responses, ed Jianbang Gan, Stephen Grado, Ian A. Munn, USA, Nova Publishers, pp 33-46 (2010)

Ruto, E. and Scarpa, R. Using choice experiments to investigate preferences for cattle traits in Kenya, Choice Experiments in Developing Countries: Implementation, Challenges and Policy Implications, ed Jeff Bennett and Ekin Birol, United Kingdom, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, p 17 (2010)

Journal Articles

Alexander, J.K., Roberts, A.M. and Pannell, D.J. Victorian catchment management approaches to salinity: learning from the National Action Plan experience, AUSTRALASIAN JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, 17: pp 45-52 (2010)

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Bashir, M.K. and Mehmood, Y. Institutional credit and rice productivity: a case study of District Lahore, Pakistan, China Agricultural Economic Review, 2:4, pp 412-419 (2010)

Bashir, M.K., Mehmood, Y. and Hassan, S. IMPACT OF AGRICULTURAL CREDIT ON PRODUCTIVITY OF WHEAT CROP: EVIDENCE FROM LAHORE, PUNJAB, PAKISTAN, Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 47:4, pp 405-409 (2010)

Bashir, M.K., Amin, A. and Naeem, M.K. Micro-Credit and Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan, World Applied Sciences Journal, 8:11, pp 1381-1386 (2010)

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Brennan, D. Economic potential of market-oriented water storage decisions: Evidence from Australia, WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH, 46: pp - (2010)

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