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   Environmental Systems Engineering

Environmental Systems Engineering

Books and Chapters

Baillie, C.A. and Catalano, G. Engineering and Society: Working Towards Social Justice, Part I: Engineering and Society, Colorado, USA, Morgan & Claypool Publishers (2009)

Journal Articles

Badal, R.M., Rughooputh, S.D.D.V., Rydberg, L., Robinson, I.S. and Pattiaratchi, C.B. Eddy formation around South West Mascarene Plateau (Indian Ocean) as evidenced by satellite 'global ocean colour' data, Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science, 8:2, pp 139-145 (2009)

Bazihizina, N., Colmer, T.D. and Barrett-Lennard, E.G. Response to non-uniform salinity in the root zone of the halophyte Atriplex nummularia: growth, photosynthesis, water relations and tissue ion concentrations, Annals of Botany, 104: pp 737-745 (2009)

Bennett, S.J., Barrett-Lennard, E.G. and Colmer, T.D. Salinity and waterlogging as constraints to saltland pasture production: A review, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 129: pp 349-360 (2009)

Boegman, L. and Ivey, G.N. Flow separation and resuspension beneath shoaling nonlinear internal waves, Journal of Geophysical Research (Oceans), 114:CO2018 (2009)

Branco, B.F. and Torgersen, T. Diurnal sediment resuspension and settling: impact on the coupled physical and biogeochemical dynamics of dissolved oxygen and carbon in a shallow water body, MARINE AND FRESHWATER RESEARCH, 60: pp 669-679 (2009)

Callow, J.N. and Smettem, K.R. The effect of farm dams and constructed banks on hydrologic connectivity and runoff estimation in agricultural landscapes, Environmental Modelling and Software, 24:8, pp 959-968 (2009)

Finlayson, C.M., Eliot, I. and Eliot, M. A Strategic Framework for Monitoring Coastal Change in Australia's Wet-dry Tropics - Concepts and Progress, GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH, 47:2, pp 109-123 (2009)

Ghisalberti, M. and Nepf, H. Shallow flows over a permeable medium: The hydrodynamics of submerged aquatic canopies, Transport in Porous Media., 78: pp 385-402 (2009)

Ghisalberti, M. Obstructed shear flows: similarities across systems and scales, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 641: pp 51-61 (2009)

Harper, R.J., Smettem, K.R., Carter, J.O. and McGrath, J.F. Drought deaths in Eucalyptus globulus (Labill.) plantations in relation to soils, geomorphology and climate, Plant and Soil, 324: pp 199-207 (2009)

Harris, P.T. and Pattiaratchi, C.B. Special issue in honour of the contribution of Michael Collins to sediment dynamics, Continental Shelf Research, 29: pp 1909-1911 (2009)

Horsnell, T., Smettem, K.R., Reynolds, D. and Mattiske, E. Composition and relative health of remnant vegetation fringing lakes along a salinity and waterlogging gradient, Wetlands Ecology and Management, 17:5, pp 489-502 (2009)

Hugo Alcocer-Yamanaka, V.H., Aldama, A.A., Tzatchkov, V., Arreguin-Cortes, F.I. and Espinosa-Gayosso, A. Spectral analysis of residential water demand., INGENIERIA HIDRAULICA EN MEXICO, 24:4, pp 103-119 (2009)

Jenkins, S., Barrett-Lennard, E.G. and Rengel, Z. Impacts of waterlogging and salinity on puccinellia (Puccinellia ciliata) and tall wheatgrass (Thinopyrum ponticum): zonation on saltland with a shallow water-table, plant growth, and Na+ and K+ concentrations in the leaves, Plant and Soil, 329: pp 91-104 (2009)

Jones, N.L., Thompson, J.K., Arrigo, K.R. and Monismith, S.G. Hydrodynamic control of phytoplankton loss to the benthos in an estuarine environment, Limnology and Oceanography, 54:3, pp 952-969 (2009)

Kabo, J., Day, R.J.F. and Baillie, C.A. Engineering and Social Justice: How to help students cross the threshold, Practice and Evidence of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 4:2, pp 126-146 (2009)

Liu, C.C., Jean, J-S., Nath, B., Lee, M-K., Hor, L.I., Lin, K-H. and Maity, J.P. Geochemical characteristics of the fluids and muds from two southern Taiwan mud volcanoes: Implications for water-sediment interaction and groundwater arsenic enrichment, Applied Geochemistry, 24: pp 1793-1802 (2009)

Loveless, A.M. and Oldham, C.E. Natural attenuation of nitrogen in groundwater discharging through a sandy beach, Biogeochemistry, 98: pp 75-87 (2009)

Lowe, R.J., Monismith, S.G. and Atkinson, M.J. Wave-Driven Circulation of a Coastal Reef-Lagoon System, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL OCEANOGRAPHY, 39: pp 873-893 (2009)

Mamouni, E.A., Ghadouani, A., Schilizzi, S.G.M. and Mazzarol, T.W. Giving the consumer the choice: A methodology for product ecological footprint calculation, Ecological Economics, 68: pp 2525-2534 (2009)

Mines, C.H., Ghadouani, A. and Ivey, G.N. Dying to find the source - the use of rhodamine WT as a proxy for soluble point source pollutants in closed pipe surface drainage networks, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 13: pp 2169-2178 (2009)

Nath, B., Chakraborty, S., Burnold, A., Stuben, D., Chatterjee, D. and Chalet, L. Mobility of arsenic in the sub-surface environment: An integrated hydrogeochemical study and sorption model of the sandy aquifer materials, Journal of Hydrology, 364:3-4, pp 236-248 (2009)

Noorduijn, S.L., Smettem, K.R., Vogwill, R. and Ghadouani, A. Relative impacts of key drivers on the response of the water table to a major alley farming experiment, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 13: pp 2095-2104 (2009)

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Pattiaratchi, C.B. and Wijeratne, E.M.S. Tide Gauge Observations of 2004-2007 Indian Ocean Tsunamis from Sri Lanka and Western Australia, Pure and Applied Geophysics, 166: pp 233-258 (2009)

Peiffer, S., Oldham, C.E., Salmon, U., Lillicrap, A.M. and Kusel, K. Does iron cycling trigger generation of acidity in groundwaters of Western Australia?, Environmental Science and Technology, 43: pp 6548-6552 (2009)

Read, D.J., Oldham, C.E., Myllymaki, T. and Koschorreck, M. Sediment diagenesis and porewater solute fluxes in acidic mine lakes: the impact of dissolved organic carbon additions, Marine and Freshwater Research, 60: pp 660-668 (2009)

Rennie, S.J., Pattiaratchi, C.B. and McCauley, R.D. Numerical simulation of the circulation within the Perth Submarine Canyon, Western Australia, Continental Shelf Research, 29: pp 2020-2036 (2009)

Rennie, S.J., Hanson, C.E., McCauley, R.D., Pattiaratchi, C.B., Burton, C., Bannister, J., Jenner, C. and Jenner, M.N. Physical properties and processes in the Perth Canyon, Western Australia: Links to water column production and seasonal pygmy blue whale abundance, Journal of Marine Systems, 77: pp 21-44 (2009)

Schymanski, S.J., Sivapalan, M., Roderick, M.L., Hutley, L.B. and Beringer, J. An optimality-based model of the dynamic feedbacks between natural vegetation and the water balance, Water Resources Research, 45: p WO1412 (2009)

Segal, R.D., Waite, A.M. and Hamilton, D.P. Nitrogen limitation of phytoplankton in solar salt ponds in Shark Bay, Western Australia, Hydrobiologia, 626: pp 97-109 (2009)

Smettem, K.R. The relation between runoff generation and temporal stability of soil macropores in a fine sandy loam, Biologia, 64:3, pp 470-473 (2009)

Staehr, P.A., Waite, A.M. and Markager, S. Effects of sewage water on bio-optical properties and primary production of coastal systems in West Australia, Hydrobiologia, 620: pp 191-205 (2009)

Van Gastel, P.J., Ivey, G.N., Meuleners, M.J., Antenucci, J.P. and Fringer, O. The variability of the large-amplitude internal wave field on the Australian North West Shelf, Continental Shelf Research, 29: pp 1373-1383 (2009)

Conference Publications

Yamun, N., Baillie, C.A., Catalano, G. and Feinblatt, E. Engineering Values: An approach to explore values in education and practice, Research in Engineering Education Symposium, Australia, Melbourne School of Engineering, CD ROM: (2009)

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