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 Research Publications
  2009 Research Publications


Abbott, P.V. and Castro salgado, J. Strategies for the endodontic management of concurrent endodontic and periodontal diseases, Australian Dental Journal, 54: pp S70-S85 (2009)

Abbott, P.V. and Heah, S. Internal bleaching of teeth: an analysis of 255 teeth, Australian Dental Journal, 54: pp 326-333 (2009)

Abbott, P.V. and Leow, N. Predictable management of cracked teeth with reversible pulpitis, Australian Dental Association, 54: pp 306-315 (2009)

Arrow, P. Risk factors in the occurrence of enamel defects of the first permanent molars among schoolchildren in Western Australia, COMMUNITY DENTISTRY AND ORAL EPIDEMIOLOGY, 37: pp 405-415 (2009)

Athanassiadis, B., Abbott, P.V., George, N. and Walsh, L.J. An in vitro study of the antimicrobial activity of some endodontic medicaments and their bases using an agar well diffusion assay, Australian Dental Journal, 54: pp 141-146 (2009)

Balasubramaniam, R., Turner, L.N., Stoopler, E.T., Alawi, F., Frank, D.M. and Greenberg, M.S. Burkitt lymphoma of the oral cavity: an atypical presentation, ORAL SURGERY ORAL MEDICINE ORAL PATHOLOGY ORAL RADIOLOGY AND ENDODONTOLOGY, 107: pp 240-245 (2009)

Balasubramaniam, R. and Delcanho, R. Separating oral burning from burning mouth syndrome: unravelling a diagnostic enigma, AUSTRALIAN DENTAL JOURNAL, 54: pp 293-299 (2009)

Chailertvanitkul, P., Abbott, P.V., Riley, T.V. and Sooksuntisakoonchai, N. Bacterial and Dye Penetration through Interim Restorations Used During Endodontic Treatment of Molar Teeth, Journal of Endodontics, 35:7, pp 1017-1022 (2009)

Chandra, A. Discuss the factors that affect the outcome of endodontic treatment, Australian Endodontic Journal, 35: pp 98-107 (2009)

Colvin, L., Slack-Smith, L., Stanley, F.J. and Bower, C. Pharmacovigilance in pregnancy using population-based linked datasets, Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, 18: pp 211-225 (2009)

Huang, B., Marcenes, W., Croucher, R. and Hector, M. Activities related to the occurrence of traumatic dental injuries in 15- to 18-year-olds, Dental Traumatology, 25: pp 64-68 (2009)

Kandasamy, S. The wisdom behind third molar extractions, AUSTRALIAN DENTAL JOURNAL, 54: pp 284-292 (2009)

Karami, B., Khayat, A., Moazami, F., Pardis, S. and Abbott, P.V. Histological evaluation of the effect of three medicaments; trichloracetic acid, formocresol and mineral trioxide aggregate on pulpotomised teeth of dogs, Australian Endodontic Journal, 35: pp 18-28 (2009)

Lette, H., D'Espaignet, E.T., Slack-Smith, L., Hunt, K. and Nannup, J. Indigenous mothers' aspirations for their children in Perth, Western Australia: The value of education and schooling, The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, 38: pp 65-73 (2009)

Levin, L.G., Law, A.S., Holland, G.R., Abbott, P.V. and Roda, R.S. Identify and Define All Diagnostic Terms for Pulpal Health and Disease States, The Journal of Endodontics, 35:12, pp 1645-1657 (2009)

Mohammadi, Z. and Abbott, P.V. On the local applications of antibiotics and antibiotic-based agents in endodontics and dental traumatology, International Endodontic Journal, 42: pp 555-567 (2009)

Mohammadi, Z. and Abbott, P.V. Antimicrobial substantivity of root canal irrigants and medicaments: A review, Australian Endodontic Journal, 35: pp 131-139 (2009)

Mohammadi, Z. and Abbott, P.V. The properties and applications of chlorhexidine in endodontics, International Endodontic Journal, 42: pp 288-302 (2009)

Paley, G.A., Slack-Smith, L. and O'grady, M. Oral health care issues in aged care facilities in Western Australia: resident and family caregiver views, Gerodontology: an International Journal, 26: pp 97-104 (2009)

Pinto, A., Arava-Parastatidis, M. and Balasubramaniam, R. Headache in Children and Adolescents, JOURNAL OF THE CANADIAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION, 75: pp 125-131 (2009)

Slack-Smith, L., Lange, A.E., Paley, G.A., O'grady, M., French, D. and Short, L. Oral health and access to dental care: a qualitative investigation among older people in the community, Gerodontology: an international journal, na: pp 1-10 (2009)

Tan, A.E.S. Periodontal maintenance, AUSTRALIAN DENTAL JOURNAL, 54: pp S110-S117 (2009)

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