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   Women's and Infants' Health

Women's and Infants' Health

Journal Articles

Blank, V., Hirsch, E., Challis, J., Romero, R. and Lye, S. Cytokine Signaling, Inflammation, Innate Immunity and Preterm Labour - A Workshop Report, Placenta, 29:22, Supplement A, pp S102-S104 (2008)

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Chauhan, S.P., Magann, E.F., Doherty, D.A., Ennen, C.S., Niederhauser, A. and Morrison, J.C. Prediction of small for gestational age newborns using ultrasound estimated and actual amniotic fluid volume: Published data revisited, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 48: pp 160-164 (2008)

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