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   Environmental Systems Engineering

Environmental Systems Engineering

Journal Articles

Anohin, V., Imberger, J., Ivey, G.N. and Romero, J.R. Estimating net transport and mixing using a time-dependent inverse method, Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans, 113:7 (2008)

Barrington, D.J. and Ghadouani, A. Application of hydrogen peroxide for the removal of toxic cyanobacteria and other phytoplankton from wastewater, Environmental Science and Technology, 42:23, pp 8916-8921 (2008)

Bowmaker, G.A., Hanna, J.V., Hahn, F.E., Lipton, A.S., Oldham, C.E., Skelton, B.W., Smith, M.E. and White, A.H. Structural and spectroscopic studies of some copper(I) halide tert-butyl isocyanide adducts, Dalton Transcations (Print Edition): an international journal of inorganic chemistry, 13: pp 1710-1720 (2008)

Carr, M., Davies, P.A. and Shivaram, P. Experimental evidence of internal solitary wave-induced global instability in shallow water benthic boundary layers, PHYSICS OF FLUIDS, 20: pp - (2008)

Falter, J.L., Lowe, R., Atkinson, M.J., Monismith, S.G. and Schar, D.W. Continuous measurements of net production over a shallow reef community using a modified Eulerian approach, Journal of Geophysical Research (Oceans), 113: (2008)

Huber, A., Ivey, G.N., Wake, G.W. and Oldham, C.E. Near-surface wind-induced mixing in a mine lake, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering ASCE, 134:10, pp 1464-1472 (2008)

Jones, N.L., Thompson, J.K. and Monismith, S.G. A note on the effect of wind waves on vertical mixing in Franks Tract, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California, San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science, 6:2 (2008)

Jones, N.L., Lowe, R.J., Pawlak, G., Fong, D.A. and Monismith, S.G. Plume dispersion on a fringing coral reef system, Limnology and Oceanography, 53:5, pp 2273-2286 (2008)

Keipert, N., Weaver, D.M., Summers, R.N., Clarke, M. and Neville, S. Guiding BMP adoption to improve water quality in various estuarine ecosystems in Western Australia, Water Science and Technology, 57:11, pp 1749-1756 (2008)

Koslow, J.A., Pesant, S.C., Feng, M., Pearce, A., Fearns, P., Moore, T., Matear, R. and Waite, A.M. The effect of the Leeuwin Current on phytoplankton biomass and production off Southwestern Australia, Journal of Geophysical Research, 113: (2008)

Kularatne, S.R. and Pattiaratchi, C.B. Turbulent kinetic energy and sediment resuspension due to wave groups, Continental Shelf Research, 28:6, pp 726-736 (2008)

Kusumastuti, D.I., Sivapalan, M., Struthers, I., Reynolds, D.A., Murray, K. and Turlach, B.A. Thresholds in the storm response of a catchment-lake system and the occurrence and magnitude of lake overflows: Implications for flood frequency, Water Resources Research, 44: (2008)

Lim, K.W., Ivey, G.N. and Nokes, R.I. The generation of internal waves by tidal flow over continental shelf/slope topography, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 8:5, pp 511-526 (2008)

Loveless, A., Oldham, C.E. and Hancock, G.J. Radium isotopes reveal seasonal groundwater inputs to Cockburn Sound, a marine embayment in Western Australia, Journal of Hydrology, 351:1-2, pp 203-217 (2008)

Meuleners, M.J., Ivey, G.N. and Pattiaratchi, C.B. A numerical study of the eddying characteristics of the Leeuwin Current System, Deep-Sea Research Part I, 55:3, pp 261-276 (2008)

Nepf, H. and Ghisalberti, M. Flow and transport in channels with submerged vegetation, Acta Geophysica, 56:3, pp 753-777 (2008)

Paik, K. Global search algorithm for nondispersive flow path extraction, Journal of Geophysical Research-Earth Surface, 113: (2008)

Paik, K. and Kumar, P. Emergence of self-similar tree network organization, Complexity, 13:4, pp 30-37 (2008)

Paik, K. Analytical derivation of reservoir routing and hydrological risk evaluation of detention basins, Journal of Hydrology, 352:1-2, pp 191-201 (2008)

Paterson, H.L., Knott, B., Koslow, T. and Waite, A.M. The grazing impact of microzooplankton off south west Western Australia: as measured by the dilution technique, Journal of Plankton Research, 30:4, pp 379-392 (2008)

Paterson, H.L., Feng, M., Waite, A.M., Gomis, D., Beckley, L.E., Holliday, D. and Thompson, P.A. Physical and chemical signatures of a developing anticyclonic eddy in the Leeuwin Current, eastern Indian Ocean, Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans, 113: (2008)

Reynolds, D., Jones, E.H., Gillen, M., Yusoff, I. and Thomas, D.G. Electrokinetic migration of permanganate through low-permeability media, Ground Water, 46:4, pp 629-637 (2008)

Salmon, S.U.J., Oldham, C.E. and Ivey, G.N. Assessing internal and external controls on lake water quality: limitations on organic carbon-driven alkalinity generation in acidic pit lakes, Water Resources Research, 44: (2008)

Samuel, J.M., Sivapalan, M. and Struthers, I.T. Diagnostic analysis of water balance variability: A comparative modeling study of catchments in Perth, Newcastle, and Darwin, Australia, Water Resources Research, 44:6 (2008)

Samuel, J.M. and Sivapalan, M. A comparative modeling analysis of multiscale temporal variability of rainfall in Australia, Water Resources Research, 44:7 (2008)

Samuel, J.M. and Sivapalan, M. Effects of multiscale rainfall variability on flood frequency: Comparative multisite analysis of dominant runoff processes, Water Resources Research, 44:9 (2008)

Schymanski, S.J., Sivapalan, M., Roderick, M.L., Beringer, J. and Hutley, L.B. An optimality-based model of the coupled soil moisture and root dynamics, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 12:3, pp 913-932 (2008)

Schymanski, S.J., Roderick, M.L., Sivapalan, M., Hutley, L.B. and Beringer, J. A canopy-scale test of the optimal water-use hypothesis, Plant Cell and Environment, 31:1, pp 97-111 (2008)

Smettem, K.R. Welcome address for the new 'Ecohydrology' Journal, Ecohydrology, 1:1, pp 1-2 (2008)

Weatherill, D., Graf, T., Simmons, C.T., Cook, P.G., Therrien, R. and Reynolds, D. Discretizing the fracture-matrix interface to simulate solute transport, Ground Water, 46:4, pp 606-615 (2008)

Woo, L.M. and Pattiaratchi, C.B. Hydrography and water masses off the western Australian coast, Deep-Sea Research Part I, 55:9, pp 1090-1104 (2008)

Conference Publications

Pinel-Alloul, B., Ghadouani, A. and Gelinas, M. Development and persistence of deep chlorophyll maxima in oligotrophic lakes over the summer season, Verhandlung Internationale VBereingung de Limnologie, Stuttgart, Germany, E. Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 30:3, pp 409-415 (2008)


Ivey, G.N., Winters, K.B. and Koseff, J.R. (Review)Density stratification, turbulence, but how much mixing?, Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, 40: pp 169-184, Palo Alton, USA (2008)

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