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  2008 Research Publications


Journal Articles

Arrow, P.G. Prevalence of developmental enamel defects of the first permanent molars among school children in Western Australia, Australian Dental Journal, 53: pp 250-259 (2008)

Balasubramaniam, R., Klasser, G.D. and Delcanho, R.E. Trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias - A review and implications for dentistry, American Dental Association. Journal, 139: pp 1616-1624 (2008)

Goonewardene, M.S., Goonewardene, R.W., Razza, J.M. and Murray, K. Accuracy and validity of space analysis and irregularity index measurements using digital models, Australian Orthodontic Journal, 24:2, pp 83-90 (2008)

Hamilton, R., Goonewardene, M.S. and Murray, K. Comparison of active self-ligating brackets and conventional pre-adjusted brackets, Australian Orthodontic Journal, 24:2, pp 102-109 (2008)

Lam, R., Abbott, P.V., Lloyd, C.A., Lloyd, C., Kruger, E. and Tennant, M. Dental trauma in an Australian rural centre, Dental Traumatology, 24: pp 663-670 (2008)

Lam, S., Halliday, K.G. and Qasim, T. The Effects of Cyclic Loading on Fracture Modes in Brittle Layer Structures: Relevance to Failure of Dental Crowns, Advanced Materials Research, 41-42: pp 21-26 (2008)

Lovatt, R., Goonewardene, M.S. and Tennant, M. Relapse following orthodontic rotation of teeth in dogs, Australian Orthodontic Journal, 24:1, pp 5-9 (2008)

Phatouros, A. and Goonewardene, M.S. Morphologic changes of the palate after rapid maxillary expansion: A 3-dimensional computed tomography evaluation, American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, 134:1, pp 117-124 (2008)

Rinchuse, D.J., Rinchuse, D.J., Kandasamy, S. and Ackerman, M.B. Deconstructing Evidence in Orthodontics: Making Sense of Systematic Reviews, Randomized Clinical Trials, and Meta-Analyses, World Journal of Orthodontics, 9:2, pp 167-176 (2008)

Slack-Smith, L., Colvin, L., Leonard, H., Kilpatrick, N. and Bower, C. Factors associated with dental admission for children aged under five years in Western Australia, Archives of Disease in Childhood, doi:10.1136/adc.2008. 145672: (2008)

Wood, L.J., France, K.E.L., Hunt, K.L., Eades, S. and Slack-Smith, L. Indigenous women and smoking during pregnancy: Knowledge, cultural contexts and barriers to cessation, Social Science & Medicine, 66: pp 2378-2389 (2008)


Abbott, P.V. Trauma Management, Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry, pp 115-167, 3, Edinburgh (2008)

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