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  2007 Research Publications
   Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care (SPARHC)

Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care (SPARHC)

Books and Chapters

Bulsara, C.E., Styles, I. and Chan, A. Motivating women with breast cancer to achieve empowerment by the use of support strategies in Motivation of Health Behaviour., Motivation of Health Behaviour, ed Paul W O'Neal, United States, Nova Publishers, pp 161-176 (2007)

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Murray, L., Daly, F., Little, M. and Cadogan, M. Toxicology Handbook, Australia, Elsevier (2007)

Journal Articles

Arena, G., Kruger, E., Holley, D., Millar, S. and Tennant, M. Western Australian Dental Graduates' Perception of Preparedness to Practice: A Five-Year Follow-Up, Journal of Dental Education, 71:9, pp 1217-1222 (2007)

Arena, G.E., Kruger, E. and Tennant, M. Accreditation of dental programs in Australia: A thematic analysis of recommendations, 1996-2004, Journal of Dental Education, 71:9, pp 1210-1216 (2007)

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Conference Publications

Wiley, T.J. and Durey, A.J. Engaging students in a rewarding educational experience through rural clinical placements, 16th Annual Teaching and Learning Forum, Perth WA, UniPrint, 16th: p 47 (2007)


Barlow-Stewart, K., Emery, J.D. and Metcalfe, S. Genetics in Family Medicine: The Australian Handbook for General Practitioners, p 352, Australia (2007)

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