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  2005 Research Publications


Books and Chapters

Abbott, P.V. Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions, Sydney, Australia, Mosby (2005)

Journal Articles

Abbott, P.V., Hrga, G. and Tandon, R. Dental Employer and Graduate Survey, Australian Dental Journal, 50: pp Suppl S20-S21 (2005)

Abbott, P.V. and Kabak, Y. Prevalence of apical periodontitis and the quality of endodontic treatment in an adult Belarusian population, International Endodontic Journal, 38: pp 238-245 (2005)

Frydrych, A.M., Davies, G.R. and McDermott, B.M. Eating disorders and oral health: A review of the literature, Australian Dental Journal, 50:1, pp 6-15 (2005)

Goldsmith, C., Slack-Smith, L. and Davies, G.R. Dentist-Patient Communication in the multilingual dental setting, Australian Dental Journal, 50:4, pp 235-241 (2005)

Hargreaves, K. and Abbott, P.V. Drugs for pain management in dentistry, Australian Dental Journal - Medications Supplement, 50:Suppl 2, pp S14-S22 (2005)

Holmes, H.D., Tennant, M. and Goonewardene, M.S. Augmentation of faciolingual gingival dimensions with free connective tissue grafts before labial orthodontic tooth movement: An experimental study with a canine model, American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, 127:5, pp 562-572 (2005)

Rinchuse, D.J. and Kandasamy, S. Evidence-based versus experience-based views on occlusion and TMD, American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, 127:2, pp 249-254 (2005)

Semaan, S. and Goonewardene, M.S. Accuracy of LeFort Maxillary Ostetomy, Angle Orthodontist, 75:6, pp 964-973 (2005)

Williams, K., Leonard, H., d'Espaignet, E.T., Colvin, L., Slack-Smith, L. and Stanley, F.J. Hospitalisations from birth to 5 years in a population cohort of Western Australian children with intellectual disability, Archives of Disease in Childhood, 90:12, pp 1243-1248 (2005)

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